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Are You Willing To Be Uncomfortable?

July 11, 2014

As you use the tools of Access Consciousness, you will become more aware, and as you become more aware, you may also become more uncomfortable. Consciousness is not always comfort and often what happens is that most of us judge this experience as a wrongness that should be avoided or overcome at all costs.

What if you made being uncomfortable your best friend? What if it was something to look forward to as an indicator that you were once again approaching the edge of new change and greater consciousness? Here are a few things to consider when you find yourself in that “Wow! Am I ever uncomfortable!” space.

How much is change is considered a wrongness in this reality? And how much are we taught to resist change, and make every attempt to keep things the same? People are praised for staying with the same job for years, and for living in the same town or community for all of their lives. None of which are wrong, however if that’s not the lifestyle you would like, then how much room for choice is there? What if change wasn’t a bad thing, but actually an indication that you are alive! Consider a flower. The only one that doesn’t change is a plastic one!

Another reason people sometimes resist being uncomfortable is that we would rather live in a fantasy where everyone and everything is good and true and what it purports to be. Who wants to be aware of all of the sadness and anger that so many people function from? Why would anyone want to know that those “nice” people are actually mean and vicious? Here’s why: That which you are unwilling to be aware of owns you and will probably blind side you! Have you ever had a “friend” you thought was a good friend who cared for you and had your back, only to find out that he or she was not that? How much of that had to do with having cut off your awareness? Would you be willing to make a different choice now?

Being uncomfortable can also signal that you are faced with the choice of showing up more as you. How does it get better than that? What if that is a huge gift and a great place to be? It’s very easy to say “Yes! I desire to step into more of who I really am” when asked the question or in a class setting, but how often is this really true? Would you be willing to step up and be all of you if it meant losing friends along the way that didn’t like the new you, or if it meant that your life will be very different? It is a choice. What will your choose?

While being uncomfortable may go hand in hand with greater awareness, there are some tools you can use to create more ease.

  1. “Interesting point of view I have a point of view about being this uncomfortable” is often very helpful in taking the significance out of being uncomfortable.
  2. How does it get any better than this? And what else is possible here? are great questions to ask repeatedly. They let you and the universe know that you are not stuck and are willing to receive change.
  3. Practice expanding out and occupying a larger space energetically. Many of us contract when we feel uncomfortable, but that tends to make things worse. Expanding out is another way to take the significance out of the current sense of being uncomfortable.
  4. Know that it will pass – it’s not a permanent state. Change is the only constant. You can even practice being grateful for being uncomfortable, as it shows you your courage and willingness to change and grow.

Ultimately the choice is yours. Are you willing to be uncomfortable today? How much fun could that actually be?



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Mavis Carruthers

Jul 12, 2014

Recently I was overseas on holiday with 17 family members. “Interesting point of view” was the most used tool, creating the most fun for me. I have returned with way more expansion to have more in my life. Until I read this about being uncomfortable, I was beginning to contract again. How does the timing get better than that? Thank you! Mavis Perth WA

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Nov 24, 2014

Thank you for the words of wisdom. They speak to me very eloquently at this time.

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