What is Your Purpose of Life?

June 20, 2014

How many of you have been doing everything possible to make sure people you care for are happy? I have done that all my life. It was my purpose. So I lived every day from the question “
What else can I do or be to make my parents, then my friends, and later in life – my husband and my daughter, as well as other people I care for – happy?”. Well, actually it was more like “What other part of me can I cut off, how can I staple, bend and fold myself, so that these people I so care for can be happy?” I never looked at what I required to be or do for myself to be happy. My happiness was never a priority for me. Instead, it was a by-product of everyone else’s happiness.

Unfortunately, no matter what I was being or doing to create happiness in the worlds of the people I cared for, they were still miserable. So my happiness was not even a possibility. But, I persistently tried. Until, in my second Level 2&3 class with Gary Douglas, I asked “What can I be or do different that would create the world I know is possible?”. His answer was “Be Happy!”.

What? Creating happiness by ME choosing for me? My mind melted. I couldn’t hear his words. It took a few months to recognize and receive the awareness. My happiness cannot be a by-product of everyone else’s choices. Wow.

The more I started choosing from the question “Will this be fun, easy and will I be happy afterwards?” and followed my awareness, my life started unfolding in magical ways. The happier I got, the happier people around me got. Strange!!! Gary was correct again!

In every Foundation and Level 1 class I facilitate, questions about pursuing life’s purpose arise. People are pained and stressed by their judgments and doubts about how right and wrong they are being. They have defined their ‘life’s purpose’ as the most valuable and vital reason to live. Until I asked Gary that question, I was living with that same internal struggle.

What a gift Gary’s tele call “The Purpose of Life” in July will be to open the floodgates of possibility. We get to explore a new awareness of what is actually possible to have as the purpose for life. What if we can phenomenally change this for us and the planet – with ease? I can’t help giggling! Can you sense how much fun we can have?
by Daria Hanson


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roop lakhani

Jul 1, 2014

i am interested in tele class series …..me or manipulative….what else is possible and ow can it get any better than this?

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