Living Beyond the Shadow of Disease

June 07, 2014

Playing with Curing the Incurable using the Access Consciousness® tools has been a phenomenal gift and the more awareness that is created around disease the more I see how this reality is constantly creating from the shadow of disease.

You see it in TV shows, in adverts on billboards, on the internet, on the sides of cigarette packs… Warnings that if you don’t eat healthy, quit smoking, drink too much, not get the right vitamin intake, don’t exercise, or hang about with people sneezing you will catch some terrible disease. Have you noticed how that shadow is constantly with us.

It is approaching winter and all of a sudden there are ads on TV for cold and flu products. I have even caught myself thinking “May be I should stock up’ or ‘What a load of baloney’ and I start talking to the TV about how they are scaring us into buying their products. Perhaps you have caught yourself doing similar things.

Sometimes I resist those ads and sometimes I agree with them, either way I am buying this realities idea about disease. I start to unconsciously be wary about the sneezers and the coughers and what do I create with that in my body? If not a disease, a shadow of it that it is always there distracting me from being me.

So, what will it take to live beyond the shadow of disease? Do we put our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist or do we march on parliament and force them to ban cigarettes and coke and… Or is there a different possibility?

I have found talking with people that have overcome disease that there are 5 key elements to living beyond this shadow of the grim reaper, they being: Courage, Humour, walking with your body, not being distracted and the willingness to create a phenomenal life!

Lets take Humour. Humour is a mighty potent medicine, the willingness to laugh at yourself is truly an amazing thing because when you start to see the joke in things, all that charge, significance and seriousness of disease starts to dissipate. A truly happy person cannot be controlled by the fear tactics of ads or scaremonger techniques of the drug companies.

Does this make drug companies wrong? No not at all, I am extremely grateful for the drugs that I have used, I would not be typing this if it were not for them and my bodies phenomenal capacity to receive them. And at the same time I have employed these key elements and don’t buy that the drug is greater than me.

If you are willing to find the humour in any situation and laugh a little, you will start to experience a different possibility with your body. Next time you see an ad for cough medicine are you going to rush to the medicine cabinet and check your supplies, yell at the ad for using scare tactics or laugh and see the humour in it. What if you were to ask “What have I made so significant here that actually isn’t?”

What if you chose to live beyond the shadow of disease?

By Liam Phillips

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There is a plethora of information about bodies in Access Consciousness, some of the books that Liam recommends are: Embodiment by Dr Dain Heer, Curing the Incurable by Liam Phillips, Right Body for You by Gary Douglas and Donnielle Carter


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Liam Phillips

Jun 19, 2014

Greetings, the free webinar has come and gone but you can watch the replay here:

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Liam Phillips

Oct 11, 2014

If you would like a free copy of this class in Audio you can down load it here: http://eepurl.com/YfGvr

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