Launching into the Joy of Technology

June 08, 2014

When somebody starts to talk about communion do the molecules of your body start vibrate in a different way? I know my do. What if you could expand on that and include technology in that communion?

Many people think that I am one the techno magicians in Access Consciousness® but I actually have a confession… I am probably one of the worst people I know around technology. I look at my technologist partner, Rebecca Hulse, with envious eyes and wonder how the hell I can keep up with the challenges of technology, and then I remember all I need to do is commune with the molecules of technology to have it contribute to my life.

I was once one of those people that would take 15 minutes to type a text like “Meet you for coffee at 10 am” and I would get so frustrated that I would swear at the phone and jump up and down, I swear you could see little puffs of steam shooting out of my ears.

And then I started to apply the tools of Access Consciousness® to all my technological pursuits and in next to no time I started to receive a totally deferent possibility with technology.

One of the keys was gratitude! I am just so grateful for the technology in my life, and I am not just talking about smart phones, the internet and computers. I am also talking about cars, coffee makers ATM machines, airplanes, TV’s, movies…

The real turning point for me was hearing Gary Douglas talking about how he talks to his car everyday and he lets it know how grateful he is for it. I took that principle and started to apply it immediately. I was amazed at the results. Reduced fuel consumption, better handling, more joy when driving and now I get to drive a Mercedes Benz with all the gadgets instead of an old Toyota.

What if every time you used your car, switched on your computer, typed a text, you energetically said ‘Hi’ and ‘Thank you’? When someone says to you ‘I am so grateful to have you in my life!’ how do you feel ? Great? I know I do. What if you were to start to commune with the molecules of the technology in your life? What would that create for you?

Zoom ahead to the present day, and I no longer take 15 minutes to write a single text. As I write this I am performing tasks in Garageband, Facebooking and have 3 Skype conversations going on. And I am also aware of my Mercedes wanting to go for a drive. All of this is contributing to creating my business and life, and I just noticed that one of my Youtube vids has gone ballistic. So much fun and joy and it is also making me money at the same time. How does it get any better than this?

With out technology, writing 8 books would have been almost impossible for a dyslexic like me. Now it is easy. Even this article would have been a chore, now it is so much fun.

So how can you use technology to your advantage?

by Liam Phillips

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