Going Beyond Abuse

June 25, 2014

How often do you judge your bodies as wrong, bad, ugly, old or just plain impotent? A little, a lot, or a mega-ton-a-latte?

How often do you nurture, appreciate, adore and soothe your bodies into being? A little, a little less then that, or a mega-less-than-that?

Dr. Dain Heer says, “If I could have my body touched and nurtured in any particular way I desired that would create an energy of being more alive, an energy of going beyond judgment, an energy of more joy, an energy of more living, so that I had more of me and more willingness to be alive and more desire to live, and more desire to seek and have more — what would that be like?”

When I first came to Access Consciousness I knew what I had been living with regarding the annoying yet unyielding pangs of severe childhood sexual abuse and violence. As we know abuse takes on many forms. From the scars that people can see to the ones that they can’t.

I had taken tons of trainings, countless certifications and achieved many degrees with licenses attached to them intimating answers to long standing, deep rooted trauma, abuse and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). And yet, when I experienced the abuse hold body process of Access, I experienced something I have been waiting, hoping, longing for…freedom, space, a quietness deep within and joy. I found my vulnerability, a gentleness, a love…of me…of being…of living…and of existing. I could breathe again…and my body turned back on!

How does it get any better than that?

It was like the hands on my body were the key opening the lock of a cage, invisible to the outside but known only to me on the inside as war with me. And the process itself evoked somatic memories effortlessly dissipating, spaciously dismantling the bars of the cage. I was free.

Is this something you would like to taste, to smell, to have, to know because if it is, Access is breaking through the glass ceiling of what’s been done before in the world of therapy, somatics and trauma with the Abuse Hold Class?

This body process class is not just about surviving abuse, it’s about going beyond abuse, beyond thriving into radical aliveness creating limitless living where anything is possible and every part of your story gets to be out created. The revolution for moving beyond abuse is here…It’s the abuse hold class and it’s about to completely restructure what this world has known is possible with bodies.

Are you ready to break free from what’s keeping you from living the life you deserve to live?

Gary Douglas shares that the body processes are an invitation to acknowledge that you have a body and the consciousness of your body is a playground of possibility. He further shares that your body is a contribution to your life, your money, the Earth and to consciousness – rather than a prison of depression, victimization, and fear. And what if the key to change that was simply changing how you commune with your body?

Changing the patterns of abuse.

Thank you Mr. G and Dr. D, the fireball of possibility you have opened with these processes on the planet is truly magic and thank you for offering my body/our bodies the choice to enjoy it’s blessed possibility of phenomenance! The Beyond Abuse Revolution is here…are you coming?

By Dr Lisa Cooney



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