Creating an Orgasmic Body

June 12, 2014

Do you know that we create our bodies? Have you ever been told you have your mother’s eyes or your father’s jaw? Do you know that however your body is showing up: tall and lean, soft and voluptuous or strongly muscled, you have created it?

From an early age your body hears your thoughts and starts to create them in a physical way, including the times when you looked at someone’s body and thought, “I never want to look that fat, or that ugly”. Anytime you have a strong resistance to looking a particular way, the energy you put out is so intense you could end up creating that as reality. If your body can hear your thoughts it means, of course, that you can talk to your body. I have worked with several people who are not happy with their body shape and want to change it. Some of them have tried many diets, exercise regimes and supplements hoping to create the ideal or perfect body. I talk to them about the tools for creating an orgasmic body.
An orgasmic body does not mean having an hourglass figure if you are a woman and a strong muscled torso if you are a man. It is that rare and wonderful creation where you allow your body to show up as it likes and you do not judge it for being too fat, too wrinkled, too slow or anything else. (Click on the video to watch an interview with Margaret)

It amazes me that even young people who have gorgeous bodies, as judged by the standards of this society, have numerous judgments about their body. If you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror and think: oh, I am looking older today, this judgment will affect your body. A judgment creates a separation between your being and your body. If you, the being, are a separate entity to your body, how can you have communion?

What does communion with your body look like? Have you ever gone to the beach on a lovely day? As you swam in the ocean, you may have felt so connected that there was no separation between the molecules of your body and the molecules of the water. Perhaps your skin tingled, as your body rejoiced in the spacious blue sky and the flight of birds, the lapping waves, the crunch of sand and shell underfoot, and the noisy children nearby. You smelled the raw brine of the water and experienced a sense of peace and wellbeing. Communion is that sense of deep connection.

Communion does not exclude anything. It is the peace of joy and the joy of peace. It is not about making yourself happy and the manic joy of it all. Communion is the presence of being the real you — infinite, magical, vulnerable you. Not your parents’ child or your lover’s lover. You receive everything without judgment, and choose whether to be upset about it or not.

Include your body in your life if you wish to create communion, presence and vulnerability like never before. You do this by talking to your body and asking it questions. Practise with questions that are very simple. For instance in the morning you could ask it: Body do you choose to eat or drink? If so what do you chose to eat or drink? Would you like to go to the movies? Would you like to be with these people? What movement would you like today?

This is how you build rapport, or a sense of harmony, with your body. As you refine your communication, even when there is a lot riding on the result, you could still communicate with ease. Your body is an amazing sensory organism and will give you awareness and information that will enrich your life, if you would only listen to it.

When you ask your body questions and honour its’ choices your body will become the gift it truly is. The Access Body Processes create a communion with your body that is just magical. How did we get so lucky?

by Marg Braunack


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