What are you hungry for?

May 26, 2014

by Max Zoulek

When was the last time you ate orgasmic food?

If you’re answer is ‘longer than 1 day ago’… my question is, “Are you really living?” 😉

In this day and age it has become so easy (and normal!) to satiate your body’s ‘hunger’ with average food and most people are not aware of a different possibility. But we are not here to draw averages from the crowd… we are here to talk about a different possibility for you, your body and the planet!

From my point of view, the flavour and delicacies that are available in food are astonishing! From Asian sauces to roast vegetables to divinely seasoned and grilled meat. Is your mouth watering, your tummy bubbling or your body singing? Mine sure is!

My next question is, “Have you decided that these sensations mean you are hungry?”

What if these feelings and sensations were part of a far bigger spectrum of communication from your body?

What if the subtler perception of this message is indicating your body’s desire to move, thirst, your hunger for life or even your potency to show up as you in the world??

If you automatically come to the conclusion that these sensations equate to hunger, you may just be missing a possibility of greater communing and ease with your body! Are you willing to have an easier and more ecstatic time with your body by asking questions?

I wise man I know once said, “What is this?”… would you be willing to ask?

And don’t forget to enjoy the hell out of divinely, delicious food crafted from the finest ingredients of the earth!



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