Benefits of Access Bars for Kids and Families

May 23, 2014

Access Bars® changed my life… literally! For several years, my body had hurt… ached, really. It had gotten to the point where in order to get out of bed in the morning, I had to roll off the bed, as it was too painful to sit up.

After receiving my first session in my first Access Bars class, I sat up easily and had no pain in my body. It’s almost as if there had been no space in my body… it had been so contracted and constricted… and having my Bars run created space, which created ease and no pain! It was amazing! And, I never turned back! I still get my Bars run, and, my body still loves it! At this point, I can’t imagine life without Access Bars!

I have seen transformational change occur in hundreds of people who have had their Bars run.

An eight month old baby was on a waiting list to receive a new liver… her body kept rejecting the feeding tube the doctors kept trying to insert. I ran her Bars for less than a couple of minutes, and, on the next trip to the doctor, her body accepted the feeding tube.

A fourteen year old girl, who had missed most of school for the year due to debilitating migraines… after I ran her Bars, within twenty-four hours, her migraines had subsided enough so that her appetite returned, and, with a week, she was back in school half-days, then later, full days.

An eight year old girl, who refused to eat and had lost 25% of her body weight (originally she had been thin) because she was afraid to swallow, after having her Bars run weekly for six weeks, was back to eating again, and, within two months, was back within the range of normal body weight.

The stories go on and on!

After having their Bars run, so many children are so much happier and feel so much better and do so much better in school and at home. They tend to sleep better, get along with peers better, get in less trouble, have more play dates, have fewer tantrums and outbursts – and when they do, the outbursts don’t last nearly as long!

Times that used to be difficult… mornings, evenings, homework, chores… typically lose their charge and are much easier to maneuver. In fact, many of them ask their parents to run their Bars… “Mommy, will you do that thing on my head?”

By Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S



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Laurie-Ann White

May 26, 2014

I really love the Bars – it sure has made a difference with myself and my children. Even clients that normally come for massage, try this as an alternative and they are “moved” by how it makes them feel.
An example, my oldest son, had been extremely moody, snappy, and very difficult to be around. I had just taken my Bars course for the second time and suggested that I do this for him, of which he was resistant, but he decided to go for it anyways. After 30 minutes of doing his Bars, and he was sitting with his brother, and said to him “you know, Liam, I hardly ever tell you this, but I really appreciate having you as a brother and I am happy you are in my life”. I had to do a triple take, because this is not something he normally says, especially at that time. Absolutely heart warming.

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Maria F La Riva

Jan 17, 2015

I entered Access through the BARS door because my daughter pushed me through it!!! I also learned about BARS to make mu daughter’s life easier. She is now 9 and she is also a BARS instructor! She was 2 years ago passing through harsh times at school because of a bully and after running the BARS on her she started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today a bully faces her and she turns to him saying very quietly, with that killer energy: ” I know what you are! You don’t fool me. don’t mess with me!” She turns around throwing her hair back and leaves. She loves it. I love it too! Anytime she is not being herself when we enter into arguments… the first thing is doing the BARS. It makes her focus on who she really is and then we both become calm and at ease. Thank you Gary for creating this!!!! and Thank you Anne for keeping it for for children!

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Billa Sandhu

Jun 7, 2016

I am running BARS on my grandson and he absolutely loves it. The progress he is making in his school is remarkable and he me to run his BARS ..He has a younger brother who is just two and a half years old has never got his BARS run..When their mum complainted of headache made his mother lie and ran her BARS as he had seen me doing them .Wow..I am am forever indebted to Gary and Dain for this MAGIC and their immense contribution to our lives.

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Access Consciousness

Jun 12, 2016

Thank you so much for sharing! How does it get any better?

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