Lets Talk About Sex Baby

February 07, 2014

I notice that when I run a Foundation and Level 1* class there is often a weird energy that comes up when we get to the parts about sex. Actually when ever sex comes up in a conversation a lot of weirdness starts to show up. Perhaps you have noticed that too?

Whilst sick with a horrendous disease I knew that there was something there about sex, sexuality, sexualness and copulation but was really totally confused about the whole thing. I would talk to lots of therapists and people about this but could not get any clarity around this minefield of a topic. During that sickness I concluded that if abstained from sex it would give me more energy.

It was not till I did the Access Consciousness® core classes of Bars, Foundation and Level One that I recognized that that conclusion had really locked me up and was actually creating more disease in my body.

In abstaining from sex I was cutting off a lot of energy that could have been used in creating my body and healing. In-fact, it turned out that I had quite a few points of view about sex. One in particular was the misidentification of sex equating to copulation.

I am very cute and it took quite a few Access classes to actually start to perceive the energy of sex as the kindness, caring and nurturing that we can have with bodies. The more classes I did and the more I was willing to ask questions to Gary and Dain and other facilitators, the more I started to recognize that copulation was not really what I was shooting for (pardon the pun). What I was really desiring was more access to the energy of sexualness, more of the creational elements of sex.

It was then that I started to ask for more nurturing, kindness and caring sex to show up in my life and what showed up was pretty amazing. First of all I stopped biting my fingernails. I know that sounds weird but at one point by asking for the energy, space and consciousness of nurturing, kind and caring sex to show up I started to recognize that I had to be that for me and my own body and hence when I honored my body things began to change.

The more I stepped into the question of sex and less into conclusion, the more my life changed. Then about six months ago Rebecca came to one of my Foundation and Level One classes. She is 21 years old, sexy, bubbly and a joy to be with. During those classes I recognized that there was no weirdness coming up when we started to talk about sex. I asked her later on after a level 2/3 class* with Gary and a Symphony of Possibilities class with Dain, if she we would be willing to run a tele series on sex so we could create a different possibility with people in this area.

She came up with the specialty class title of “69 Shades of Pleasure”. What if we could have more fun, more pleasure and more of us show up? What if when next time we think or talk about sex we don’t go into judgment or the wrongness of ourbodies or ourselves. What energy, space and consciousness could you and your body be that would allow you to have kind, caring and nurturing sex?

Guess what? That last question “What energy, space and consciousness could you and your body be that would allow you to have kind, caring and nurturing sex?” was exactly the question I asked to create fabulous, kind, caring and totally orgasmic sex to show up in my life!

When this started to occur I was delightfully surprised as you can imagine. But was even more fun was that I really started to get the power in just asking a question. I asked that question with absolutely no expectations, no preconceived idea of how or when it would show up, and what showed up was so much more than I could ever imagine!

What questions could you ask about sex that would create a totally different possibility? I would like to invite you to that possibility and perhaps if enough people started to question sex we could create a totally different reality one that is perhaps more nurturing, kind and caring!

To finish up I would like to give you some home play. Here it is – Use that question above and go forth and have lots of kind, caring, nurturing sex. Now that is my type of homework!

Liam Phillips (CFMW) is a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and Founder and author of Curing the Incurable

You can contact Liam at www.LiamPhillips.AccessConsciousness.com

*Foundation & Level 1 are now combined to one class called The Foundation

* level 2&3 is now called COP – Choice of Possibility class



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Keriann York

Feb 11, 2014

Hear hear! Or here here? Lol

I’ve been playing around with a lot of this even before my official introduction to Access. I’ve felt all the above…and then started feeling better physically as I started to be well…fine with the fact that I am a sexual being and why should that be wrong?

It’s something I’ve shown someone rather important to me…that this is what I desire….sexually this…this wonderful place and hdigabtt? 🙂

Can’t wait! Love changing evolution that continues to show up in unexpected ways.

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Mar 2, 2014

Thank you, Liam!
I had a full-body exhale as I read this; a perfect “here you go” from the universe, via Fabulous You – Sweetness!
I love the e/s/c question, and the home play – looking forward to playing with those 😀 And WEIP now?!

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