Home for the Holidays – Day 5

December 13, 2013

What if you could create a holiday season of fun and delight rather than exhaustion and fight?

7 tools in 7 days to bring you home to the magic and greatness of you this holiday season!

Day 5

Expectations. We encounter them all year long but it seems they are magnified during the holidays. How much stress do we add to our lives by striving to meet the endless expectations? How much disappointment do we experience by the expectations we hold for others?

Do you expect gifts or cards from the people you know? Do you expect certain people to attend holiday gatherings? And do you expect them to behave a particular way? Do you have expectations for the day itself? What about the expectations you have for you?

Would you be willing to let go of all the expectations that you have? And would you be willing to choose for you in the face of the expectation of others?

Tool #5 – Including YOU in the holiday season. Living in the Kingdom of WE!

When you are in the midst of holiday planning, do you even have a place in your own life? Or is it all about obligation? Would you be willing to include YOU in your planning this holiday season? What if your priorities were part of the equation?

When you exclude you from your life in any way, you will inevitably end up in frustration. And when the frustration kicks in, blame is soon to follow. Combine the frustration and the blame and you find yourself functioning from the other extreme which is excluding everyone else and actually choosing against them. It can sound something like this, “I have been making sure everybody else was happy and satisfied. I’m done with this. I’m done with all of you. It’s my turn now!”

The cycle goes like this: Exclude me. Exclude you. Exclude me. Exclude you. And on and on it goes.

What else is possible? What if you could function from an entirely different place? What if there was no exclusion? No exclusion of you. No exclusion of anyone else? This is known as the kingdom of we.

According to Gary Douglas founder of Access Consciousness®, the kingdom of we does not function from exclusion. Everything is included. Nothing is judged. It’s the place where you begin to create your life based on what makes you happy and what your priorities are while being aware of what your choices are creating in the big picture. It’s not about limiting your choices for others. It IS about having all of your awareness and not excluding anyone.

What would it take to live in the kingdom of we? Everything being included (that means you!). Nothing being excluded (that also means you!). Nothing being judged (that definitely means you!)

Would including YOU this holiday season create a new possibility? And I wonder, what invitation might this be?



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