Can Putting Your Hands on Your Head Change Your Money Situation?

November 07, 2013

How many ways have you tried to change your financial situation? How well have they worked for you?

Would you be willing to consider something different, even if it’s weird?

What if an energetic process that involves someone gently touching points on your head could change your money flows as much or more than anything else you’ve ever tried?

Would you be willing to add some weirdness to your financial life? (Weird, by the way, means “of spirit, fate, or destiny.”) Does adding it seem so bad?

What is this magical mystical process anyway? It’s a method developed by Access Consciousness® founder and best selling author Gary Douglas called “Access Bars®.” These Bars sessions are available from more than 3000 licensed facilitators as well as thousands of additional practitioners in over 50 countries worldwide.

These Access Bars® sessions consisting of 32 points on the head, which, when lightly touched during a relaxing hour-long session, change the electrical function of your brain—and your life.

Thirteen years ago, Dr. Dain Heer, now Douglas’s business partner, was contemplating suicide, due in large part to his financial woes. When he first received the Bars, he giggled through the entire session and never considered suicide again. He is now incredibly successful and wealthy.

Access Bars® practitioners often say, “The worst that can happen is that you’ll feel relaxed like you’ve had a great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.”

But what has that got to do with money?

Money isn’t the problem, you are,” say Douglas and Heer, who are co-authors of a book of that name. Their point is that while everyone thinks money is the problem, there is actually enough money on the planet to go around. “Money is easy,” says Douglas, “but we make it hard.” If money is a problem for you but money is not the problem you thought it was, isn’t the problem in your failure to receive it?

That failure to receive it is a choice, Douglas points out. “Receiving isn’t blocked,” he says. “It’s refused.” Receiving is also an art that very few if any of us are taught growing up. Douglas observes it’s practically unknown on the planet.

“Ask and you shall receive is actually one of the truths in the Bible,” says Douglas. If the universe will give us what we ask for but we don’t receive it, how much progress can we make towards having what we’d like?

Along comes Access Bars®. To receive a Bars session, you actually have to simply receive. You have to lie quietly for an hour and do nothing and allow someone to gift to you. “The Bars open the doors to receiving in a way that is practically unknown on the planet,” says Douglas.

According to Douglas, we live in a do-do universe, which is basically constructed to keep us from having what we’re looking for. We might have an inkling of what we’d like to be, such as happy or free. But we think we have to have things to be that, and to have those things we have to do something. Receiving and being, two of the functions every infinite being should have, are ignored in this process.

Lying on the table quietly to receive the Bars also includes a degree of being without doing which is perhaps even more rare on the planet than receiving.

To have what we’re asking for, not only do we have to receive, says Douglas, but to receive we have to be. Would you like to lie down on a massage table right now and try it out? What if it was easier than you ever imagined?

Each of the 32 points (“bars”) on the head is linked to a particular issue in our lives. There’s a Bar that has to do with money, and others related to money like control, awareness, creativity, and hopes and dreams. Touching these points, as someone does for you when your Bars are run, deletes up to 10,000 years of considerations—limiting beliefs—you have in these areas which keep you from being and receiving in the area of money (and everything else).

As one Access Bars® practitioner describes it, it’s as if you had been spinning your wheels in a rut for lifetimes. Having your Bars run even once makes that rut shallower so you can more easily move out of it and perceive other possibilities.

Not only does receiving the Bars, even once, introduce the possibility of receiving into your life, but it also redefines receiving in the process. Receiving does not have to be the trade-off program of give and take that we have mis-identified it as in this reality.

One of the reasons so few people can receive is that most of us were given “gifts” as children, but those gifts were accompanied by non-negotiable obligations in the eyes of those giving us the gifts. Being more psychic than we or our relatives ever acknowledged, we perceived these obligations even if no one said anything about them out loud. In our 2- or 3- or 15-year old wisdom, we energetically stomped our feet and refused to buy those obligations, even if it meant spurning the goodies that came with them. It’s a classic example of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Access Consciousness® acknowledges those gifts were not really gifts. It also redefines receiving by looking at it as a two way street. Can anyone give a gift without someone also receiving it? When you receive, are you not also giving the gift of your receiving to the person giving you the gift? Can the idea that there’s a separation between gifting and receiving be anything but a big lie?

Undoing this lie goes far beyond what some might call “mere semantics.” With Access Bars®, gifting and receiving are truly one. When you gift someone a Bars session (which you can learn to do in an easy, relaxing one-day class), you also receive the gift of being cleared of everything they clear in that session.

How can you find out more about Access Bars®? You could check a special section of the Access Consciousness website, www.bars.accessconsciousness.com. There are thousands of facilitators around the who teach classes and during an annual global event that is live-streamed via the Internet Bars are taught around the world. You can watch from home on your computer, or join a “pod” near you where you can watch with a group that will include some folks already experienced in the Bars. You can even purchase this online class later and watch when it suits you.

If you watch alone and are afraid you can’t do it, stop it! Access Bars® are so easy even children as young as 3 years old can learn them. You can’t do the Bars wrong, there’s a generous margin of error in finding the points, and you can’t hurt anyone. How can it get any easier than that?

Still hesitating? Here’s one more secret. There are a couple of points you can use by yourself to change your money situation within 6 months. But we’re not telling……if you’re really curious, you can tune in online, or find an Access Bars® facilitator teaching a class near you.

You have nothing to lose but your poverty itself.



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Feb 7, 2014

Hi Rashmi, You can find Bars facilitators and Certified facilitators listed on our website at www.accessconsciousness.com/facilitators.asp. Not everyone who is trained in running Bars is listed so touch base with someone near you and they may know of someone even closer.

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Apr 29, 2014

Hi Rashmi,
Please check the Facilitators list on www.bars.accessconsciousness.com Some facilitators are willing to travel

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