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I've Been Asking for More

October 25, 2013

By Tamara Younker

I’ve been asking for more. And when I start choosing in the direction of more, it creates change. And when change happens, things can often become turbulent and feel uncomfortable as I venture into unknown territory without familiar reference points. I’ve come to call it “surfing the disequilibrium.”

Change doesn’t have to be difficult, yet it will almost always reveal something new. New is often unfamiliar, and unfamiliar is often interpreted as uncomfortable. The thing is our unwillingness to make the next choice often amplifies the feeling of discomfort. Just like you can’t steer a parked car, there’s no movement in any direction when you stop choosing. You’re stuck; perhaps stuck in the feeling of your thinking that things should be less uneasy and more secure…and, right now!

There have been times in the past when as the reference points fell away, I became anxious and stopped choosing not wanting to contribute further to what seemed like increasing chaos. But, then I felt stuck. I knew I didn’t want to go back to the way things were. Yet, I had stopped choosing in the new direction often feeling like I didn’t even know WHAT to choose. Not trusting in me enough to choose the next thing, and therefore NOT choosing at all only fueled the intensity of my discomfort. It amplified, and I made myself seemingly powerless in the face of it. What I didn’t realize was that simply choosing was the very thing that would shift me from stuck to movement again, and even flow.

Now, I know that choice creates. So when I’m asking for more, and things in my life begin to shift and change, I keep choosing…no matter what. I notice when I stop choosing, I’m often holding my breath and my body has becomes tense and inflexible making it difficult to “surf” the tumultuous energy of change. When I’m in allowance of the disruption my choices are creating by not making it wrong or trying to fix it, and I keep choosing in the direction toward more of what’s new, my body is more at ease. When there’s ease in my body, I’m exponentially more capable of “surfing the disequilibrium” in harmony with the natural wave of change.

So, here’s what strengthening the muscle of choice has revealed to me. Even when you think you don’t know WHAT to choose, just choose something! Choice creates awareness. You’ll soon become aware of what your choice created, and discover new possibilities that you hadn’t been aware of before you made the choice. You see, choice creates possibilities too.

What if you don’t need to know HOW to physically actualize the more you’re asking for in your life? What if the linear way we’ve been taught to figure out the specific steps it takes to safely get from point A to point B actually limits what is possible? What if your task in creating is simply to choose, choice by choice by choice, in the direction of the more you’re asking for? I often have no idea where my choices will lead me and after a fair bit of practice in choosing, my choice has become a potency I trust to always create something new. Most of the time, I have almost no idea what the new will even look like when it shows up. When it does show up, it’s almost always in a way I could have never used my mind to figure out.

What if there’s magic in choice? What if it’s a superpower you didn’t even know you had? Would you be willing to practice activating it? Would you be willing to do your own research, and see what you discover? You just might realize that the potency of choice is a far easier, and far more fun, way to create everything you’ve been asking for. It just might be the adventure of living you never knew you always wanted.

~ Tamara Younker is a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and Creating a Conscious World facilitator.



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Oct 31, 2013

Thank you for sharing. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, thank you!!

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Ruth Anna

Nov 1, 2013

Hey Tamara,

I can’t say how many times synchronicity has shown up in the last month. I am stuck in doing the RIGHT choice…HA! And your article shows up. I sometimes forget to scroll down my home facebook page but was guided to do so tonight. And here your beautiful being shows up…:) tis is exactly what I sense to do…just #@$$#@ CHOOSE! And here I get the confirmation with YOU! I am still struggling in renewing my Bars Facilitator Agreement…why? dunno…but then I have an inkling…that it has something to do with your next Puja interview headline hahahahahah!!! As I said the synchronicities…also, I don’t want to “belong” to anyone…( which is a lie, as I like being part of a community…hmmm) Distraction…argh? A well, just writing it down, makes it clearer…Thank you again for being in the world…hugs and kisses.
Ruth Anna

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