Being You

Why the “Being You, Changing the World” class creates unique possibilities.

September 17, 2013

By Jonas Svensson

When I started Access Consciousness classes 5 years ago, I had no clue how much I was limiting myself with different points of view. And how could I…? The only thing that everybody had told me during my life, was that it was all about finding the right point of view. Now, I know better. Thank god!

These days I’m just so grateful every time I become aware of something that limits me, and they keep on showing up in the most unexpected ways. The last years I have participated in more Access classes than I can count and I have done a lot of so called advanced classes all over the world. Imagine my surprise when suddenly a “beginners” class created a life changing awareness.

This class, Being You, Changing the World class, totally blew my universe and allowed me to access awareness that I hadn’t allowed myself to access before that.

Since I was a little bit surprised I started to ask questions about it, and what I realized was that the mix of people in the class created a space that allowed something different. This is a class with no pre requisites, so there were a lot of new people that did their first Access class, which is also one of the targets with the class. There were also people that had participated in a lot of Access classes including a lot of advanced classes.

The mix created a different, unique energy and invited consciousness in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. The dynamic change that got created for me totally changed my perspective on what’s possible. Dain has an incredible capacity to include everyone, no matter what level of awareness they’re functioning from and no matter how many Access classes they have participated in. His capacity to perceive and include everyone’s awareness and create dynamic change from that is just amazing. Instead of creating a problem with having to deal with a heterogeneous group of people, the mix created this different possibility that he used to create more awareness, more consciousness and change – for everyone!

This made me aware of that this class is truly for everyone; new people, old people, beginners, experienced, old, young… And that it truly creates unique possibilities and invites consciousness in a totally different way.

This class includes so many different elements. Tools, techniques, conversations about consciousness, processing, and also Dain working on people’s bodies, all creating this beautiful symphony. I have never experienced anything like the change that get’s created when Dain works on bodies. It creates this dynamic space, which allows something different. It actually allows you to BE YOU, and step into what you know is possible.

It also made me aware how I had excluded awareness, possibilities and change from my universe with the point of view that it was a class for beginners. With that point of view I didn’t allow myself to receive what was possible for me. I realized how I had decided that Dain was talking to beginners, so this wasn’t for me… What a stupid and superior point of view to function from, and what a great way to exclude possibilities and create unconsciousness.
“I’m obviously cute… not bright.”

– How much unconsciousness have you created by excluding things based on decisions “that something isn’t for you”?

– What would be possible if you included everything, and didn’t exclude anything?

As you probably have heard before; “Consciousness includes everything and excludes nothing.”
We get it when we get it!

Jonas Svensson is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and you can find him at JonasSvensson.AccessConsciousness.com

Being You, Changing the World is a 3.5 day class facilitated by Dr Dain Heer around the world as well as online Live-Streamed.

Find the next Being You class coming up July HERE.

To get a copy of Being You Changing the World book from the Access Shop, click HERE.



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