Would You Like to Disappear Tomorrow’s Messes BEFORE They Happen?

August 08, 2013

Who determines the life you wake up to each morning? Would you like to thank them or strangle them? And if that person or thing were you, then what?

Recognizing that it’s you that’s creating your future could open a door to creating something different. If you created the mess you’ve got, you also have the potency to create something different. What would that be like?

Gary Douglas, best-selling author and founder of Access Consciousness®, revealed a new way to look at what we’ve created and, even better, a way to change it, in his latest presentation of the core Access Classes Foundation and Level 1* he facilitated in Rome this past May.

“It’s you who have created your future,” he reminds us. A critical part of that creation has to do with the judgments we have of that creation. When we make a choice and judge that choice, we create a solidity that requires that judgment to extend forward and create your future. Is that really what you would like to choose?

“When you take these strands of judgment and they start to come together, you create a solid future based on those judgments,” says Douglas. “That’s how every choice creates.”

“No judgment equals a future without judgment. Judgment equals a future with judgment,” says Douglas. A judgment as Douglas sees it is not only the negative thoughts we have about things but also the positive thoughts about things—in other words, almost any fixed point of view is a judgment. Whoops!

The way out of judgment is the Access tool and one of the Access Ten Commandments, “Everything is just an interesting point of view.” Nothing can be bad, good, right, wrong, positive, or negative without our judging it to be so. And every judgment we have automatically makes us unable to see anything that doesn’t match that judgment. If nothing is good, bad, right, wrong, positive or negative, none of it has significance or is anything other than an interesting point of view.

The annoyance of other people’s points of view can be changed by reminding ourselves that those points of view that annoy us so are not solid, real, or significant, but just an interesting point of view. For most of us, the most real and solid points of view are our own. That’s where we can really use “interesting point of view.” Even more dynamic, we can be using interesting point of view on our points of view about ourselves.

As usual, Douglas has come up with a new tool to assist us in clearing the futures we have created with our judgments. It’s called 1-2-3-4. It builds on a method of change Dr. Dain Heer uses in his Energetic Synthesis of Communion and other classes and processes, in which he asks for 1-2-3 and gathers up all the energy required to change a particular issue.

The 1-2-3 clears the past and the present, Douglas observes. When the 4 is added, it changes “the future you are creating based on the decisions, choices, and judgments you are currently making.”

“Four means forward, to the fore, to the furthest reaches,” he elaborates.

Much as you might like to, you can’t use this for all of your judgments. “Not all of them have created the future that has solidified” he says. The Access Consciousness® clearing statement goes to the past and undoes your judgments in the past.

To use the 4, “go to the place where you feel the energy of future you have solidified. It’s where you have judgments that interact with each other and become a solid strand to a future that you are capable of unlocking.”

He reminds us, “Every time you choose, you create. Every choice creates, whether it is a choice for you or against you. If you put a judgment in there with that choice, then you create a future which is starting to happen which will create the judgment as future.” Is that really what you would like to choose? 1-2-3-4!

*Foundation & Level 1 are now combined into one class called The Foundation.



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