Did you know you were not born with a point of view about money?

July 17, 2013

Do you remember the allure of the shiny round object known as a quarter, or a guilder, or a franc, or a Deutsch mark the first time you saw it? How beautiful and intriguing it was?

Do you recall having the innocence of a 7 year old who, when his mother said she didn’t have the money for something he was asking for, told her she could just get more from the bank inside the wall, as if there was a never-ending supply?

Did you know you, the infinite being that you are, were not born with a point of view about money?

What if everything you “think” is absolutely true about money is just an implanted point of view—not even yours, but something you bought from others? Those others could have been parents who loved you and were trying to teach you “the value of money.” Those others could have been school friends, other relatives, ideas from books you’ve read or movies you’ve watched. What if these ideas about money were not the gospel truth as you’ve always believed, but simply other people’s points of view? They may be running your life as if they’re true and something you believe. But what if they didn’t have to affect you at all?

Would you as an infinite being have a point of view about money? Or would you live in the question, such as “How does it get even better than this?®” and “What else is possible?®

What difference does it make what point of view you have about money? It makes a huge difference! Your point of view creates your reality. Reality does not determine your point of view. This includes your money flows, no matter what your current economic conditions are.

What if you actually had no point of view at all about money? What would that be like? How far “out of the box” could you be in creating money flows from any direction?

What are some of these apparent “truths” we were taught about money, that may not actually be correct? Here are a few:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“It does if you’re a walnut farmer,” says founder of Access Consciousness® and best-selling author Gary Douglas. From where else can you create money that people have told you is a place it can’t come from?

“You have to work hard for your money.”

How can this be true? Who works harder for their money, a busboy lugging heavy trays all day for minimum wage, or the multi-millionaire property developer sitting at his desk in an air-conditioned office?

If you believe you have to work hard for your money, can you even see ways that money could come to you easily? Are you even available to receive it? Or would you have to refuse it when it did turn up easily because it wouldn’t be “real,” or “fair” or match whatever judgment you had about the effort that must accompany money?

“You can have love or money, but not both.” “People who are rich aren’t happy.”

Douglas recalls being told this as a child. Visiting his wealthy aunt’s house, he loved she offered croissants instead of white bread, served on fine china and accompanied by nice crystal. A questioner even as a child, he wondered what it would be like to try that form of “unhappiness.”

Douglas’s business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, recalls his poor family telling him repeatedly that rich people aren’t happy. “They couldn’t have been any more unhappy than my family!” he reflects.

What if the only thing keeping you from having it all is the point of view that “you can’t have it all?” Is that a point of view that might be worth your while to change?

“Rich people are mean, I don’t want to be like them!”

True, some rich people can be arrogant and rude—but so can people with less money. Is it really the money that makes them rude or arrogant, or their choice? If you have decided that being rich means you cannot be kind or nice or generous or anything else you value and would like to be, will you ever allow yourself to be wealthy or even prosperous?

“If you’re not born into money, you’ll never be rich.”

While it is true that some people inherit enormous amounts of money, inheritance as a source of wealth can be over-rated. Many people who inherit wealth they did not create feel as though they do not deserve it and eventually squander it away.

This misconception creates the situation described in the saying, “from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations.” It describes how people who inherit businesses created by relatives often do not have the vision or the drive required to successfully expand them, so they often end up going back to being wage slaves or blue collar workers like their ancestors who grew the businesses originally.

“Work and play are mutually exclusive.”

Some of the most successful, self-made entrepreneurs regard their work as play. Think Richard Branson. Think Oprah. Is their success due to their working, or their being creative for the fun of it?

We all have many talents. The talents we overlook because they’re so easy for us are often the very ones that would generate huge amounts of money for us if we would value them. Just because they’re easy for us doesn’t mean they’re easy for everyone.

“I earn so much per hour and that’s all I have to work with.”

If you believe your only income comes from your paycheck, that will be the only income you’ll allow yourself to have. If you changed this point of view, by asking a question like, “What other money flows can I create?” or “Where else could I receive money?” what else would be possible.

One person using the tools of Access Consciousness® received a $1500 property tax rebate in California (this “never” happens) and a free $1000 venue rental in the same month. What could be possible for you if you asked?

Another great tool for those with salaries and day jobs is to be grateful for what you are receiving, and ask the question, “What else can I add to my life that would create lots of money right away?”

“I’ll be rich once my parents die, once the divorce is settled, once the lawsuit or insurance is settled…”

Have you noticed that the inheritance people are waiting for is almost never as large as the recipient expects it to be? How much wealth, joy, and expansion of their lives, that they could be creating, have they refused with their decision and judgment that this settlement was “all the money they’d ever need” and a solution to all their money problems? How much more could they create if they were willing go beyond simply waiting for their payout?

“You’ve got to hold on to what you’ve got because that’s all you’ll get.”

This is a point of view adopted by people who receive a windfall settlement or inheritance. When they try to hold on to it, instead of continuing to create their lives, they contract their entire lives and their fortune tends to follow suit. What if they went ahead and created their lives and more money while the cogs that would bring them money were turning? How much more money can they add to their lives?

“You’ve got to avoid losing money at all costs.”

When your focus is on losing money, what has to show up in your life? It’s like putting a neon sign above your head, “I don’t want to lose money, I don’t want to lose money, I don’t want to lose money.” That neon sign attracts ways in which you will lose money like moths to a flame. What if instead of focusing on the loss you focused on questions like, “What else is possible?” “What else can I create?” “How else can I create even more money?”

What else do you believe is absolutely positively true beyond question about money? Is that point of view assisting you in creating prosperity, or hindering you without your even knowing it? Would you like to destroy and uncreate that right now?

Do you suspect that you may have some additional points of view about money that are limiting you? Gary and Dain have a teleseminar for you! It starts now, and it’s called “Creating Wealth on a Penny a Day.” Sound impossible? Then you REALLY need it! It’s a mind-blowingly different approach to creating wealth—everything you should have learned from the people that raised you, but didn’t.



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Jul 20, 2013

How do get the webinar? I am interested!

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Jul 30, 2013

Not sure if you can still join but here is the link http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=31316

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Ryan Biddulph

Jul 20, 2013

Truth, truth, truth. One of the better posts I have read in a while, and I read frequently 😉

Thanks for sharing!


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Jul 30, 2013

Great post, be willing to receive allways

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