MTVSS—The Great Body Process that We Could All Use More Of

May 16, 2013

What’s MTVSS? Is it MTV on steroids? No, not exactly!

MTVSS is one of the oldest of the many amazing Access Consciousness® Body Processes. Like all the Access Consciousness® Body Processes, it is very gentle and requires only light touch, without pressure or manipulation of any kind. It feels deeply relaxing, creating a sense of spaciousness in the body that’s often not experienced elsewhere.

In keeping with Gary Douglas’s philosophy of giving people as many tools as he can as soon as they can use them, it’s included in Level 1, the third of the Access Consciousness® Core Classes.

It stands for Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System. Fortunately, you don’t have to understand that, pronounce it, or remember it to use it. All you have to do is ask it to turn on, as taught in the Level 1 classes offered around the globe.

What’s MTVSS good for? It can change all kinds of things in the body that you might not consider possible, especially for those of us steeped in the Western mind and Western medicine.

For example, many participants in Access Consciousness® classes have used it to reverse and change conditions in the body including stage 3 bone cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, various arthritic conditions, sports injuries and much more.

It can be used in many ways, such as getting the results of a 90 minute workout with only 20 minutes in the gym, to ease and heal malfunction in different systems of the body, achieving relaxation, and experiencing an overall ease at being in your body in the first place. It also seems to work dynamically on the immune system.

MTVSS is actually a compilation of nearly 30 different energies that turn on in the body while running this process. Gary discovered these energies in the early days of Access, while asking questions, as usual, to unlock problems people were having in their bodies.

Even though it has a complex name, anyone can learn to do MTVSS. Not only is not required that you have formal training in disciplines such as medicine or massage therapy, but children can learn to do it too. Despite adults’ reservations, kids can actually be more potent doing these processes than adults because they don’t have all the pre-conceived notions and fixed points of view that adults have about what’s possible and not possible when it comes to healing the body.

The more you do MTVSS, the better it gets! The more you gift and receive it, the more your body can receive, and the more potent healing you can invite in others. MTVSS is one of the earliest body processes in Access Consciousness®, and it’s consistent with Douglas and Heer’s assertion that being in a body on planet earth should be a greatness, not a limitation.

“If being in a body were a limitation, why would we as infinite beings choose to come back in bodies again and again?” they ask. They are proponents of finding the greatness of embodiment, which includes all aspects of this reality. When you have discovered the greatness of embodiment, only then are you free to choose whether or not to come back in a body again.

This point of view is very different from the viewpoints of many spiritual and metaphysical approaches, which see your body as a limitation. Most of us have followed those gurus and teachers for many lifetimes and taken on many of their points of view. These are locked in our bodies as points of view and solidity we might not even be aware of. These viewpoints limiting us and our bodies are one of the things that MTVSS unlocks.

“MTVSS unlocks the blueprint that’s been forced upon your body. Doing it 20-30 times allows your body to show up as it was designed to, not as other’s points of view and implants have forced it to show up,” says Douglas.

Undoing this blueprint can lead to results you might not expect. This process creates so much change when you receive it that your friends, not familiar with the dynamic change that MTVSS and other Access Consciousness® Body Processes can create, may ask what’s different about you, how much weight you’ve lost, if you got your hair done or had a makeover.

When you receive MTVSS, you do get a makeover—MTVSS gives you a makeover from the inside out; to become the greatness of being you and your body were meant to be.



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Aug 21, 2013

Thanks Tina !
Geart blog , and you have a great touch .
I feel so much better already .

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Desiree Aragon

Mar 4, 2014

Wow I loved reading this article. Thank for the reminder that everything we need to keep ourselves healthy comes from with in!!!!
Desiree Aragon

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Kim Holman,LMT

Mar 25, 2015

Thank you for this blog, as I have not taken level I yet I did not know what MTVSS was really until I just looked it up. In a bars trade last night we were odd numbered, so it was suggested by someone that I could run MTVSS while they ran the bars. So I ran MTVSS on the person joints, all organs and glands, including the brain. She felt very different afterwards! This is something I can definitely incorporate with my massage practice.

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Aug 14, 2016

Can we do distance mtvss for a patient in icu

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Access Consciousness

Sep 7, 2016

These body processes are created to be done touching the body. If there is no other option, you can give it a go – but in person, with touch is always best.

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