How Consciousness Includes Your Body

March 28, 2013

Consciousness includes everything without judgment—including your body! This point of view alone is one of the key differences between Access Consciousness and many other “spiritual” and “self-help” modalities.

“If being in a body weren’t a greatness, why would we as infinite beings choose to come back in bodies again and again?” asks Access founder and best selling author Gary Douglas, “If we do not get the greatness of embodiment, then we do not have a choice but have to come back again and again until we get it.”

What IS embodiment?

Just before you step into a body, you are aware of infinite possibilities and capacities and you are being an acoustical vibration. You think you will still have it all when you embody here. However, once you attach to a body, you don’t just get a body, you get this entire polarized reality too. That’s what embodiment is, it’s your body AND this reality.

“When we get the greatness of embodiment, we actually have a choice.” says Douglas.

Consistent with this philosophy, people interested in Access Consciousness could be considered “spoiled for choice” when it comes to classes and tools that include getting the greatness of the body and generally make being embodied a lot more fun.

What’s the difference between body classes offered in Access and which one is right for you?

The most basic level of body classes
are called Body Process Classes. They are offered in the evening or as a one-day class with no previous Access Consciousness experience required. There are more than 50 body processes that can be learned individually. The most popular of these is the Energetic Facelift process. This rejuvenating and relaxing class is offered worldwide and more classes are added daily.

Go here to find a Body Process Facilitator and a class that works for you!

The Access Consciousness 3-Day Body Class is a three day class that teaches all 50 some body processes and is currently taught by many facilitators worldwide. Go HERE to find a class.

The Advanced Body Class, facilitated currently only by Douglas, requires two 3-day body classes as a pre-requisite and is offered around the world. Find the upcoming schedule HERE.

The body processes offered in all of the above classes are energetic hands-on processes. No manipulation such as done in chiropractic or massage is required. “Every one of you has access to particular healing energy that no one else knows,” says Douglas. Through learning these body processes developed by Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, those capacities and talents can emerge.

With all of these “body classes,” what’s Right Body for You, then? It’s the title of Gary Douglas book and a compilation of awarenesses and processes about the body developed by Access Consciousness over 25 years—all included in one life-changing book. Right Body for you is also a series of Taster Classes and the 2.5 Day Workshop facilitated all over the world that introduce you to the tools and to your body. When you say hello to your body then change can begin. Check for a class in your area HERE and check out the book HERE.

Interested in learning more about the Greatness of Embodiment? Here’s another great place to start! A free replay of “Finding a Connection to Your Body” with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer on the Voice America networks.


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Sep 12, 2014

Our Physical body’s are what we have accumulated in our emotional and mental states throughout our lifetime. If we are sick, unwell or with disease it mostly is coming from the source which is our mind, stored emotional traumas. Obesity, heart disease and many other ailments and diseases are stored emotional energy that is blocking our healthy energy pathway. Learning o let go and release these traumas are the first step to creating a healthy balanced body and mind. Its all about letting go.

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