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What is Controversy?

March 09, 2013

Originating from the Latin controversia, from controversus ‘turned against, disputed’

That’s how this reality looks at controversy – to go against, to turn. It’s those things that you do that leave other people with their mouths wide open in disbelief. It’s going against what’s considered right.

So, what if controversy isn’t about being against anything? What if controversy is more about being YOU and showing up as YOU even if that doesn’t appear within this realities definitions of who you are and who you are supposed to be?

In this reality there is a culturally prescribed reaction for everything. As children we grow up observing other people to see how they are reacting and we take on those points of view as being the ‘right’ way to function. When we step outside of those prescribed reactions it’s considered controversial. Take grief, for example. This reality tells us that we need to experience grief by either defending against it or doing trauma and drama. If someone showed up at their husband’s funeral with balloons and a smile on their face in celebration of the wonderful contribution he was to their life, in this reality, they would most likely be vilified and maybe even sedated!

Where in your life have you turned yourself into a pretzel just to fit into this reality? Because you know that as soon as you’re not acting exactly as you should, there is always someone reacting and judging that as being wrong. And so we find ourselves defending against the energy of controversy and in doing so we limit ourselves from being who we truly be. You can’t be YOU when you are defending against the world. And when you are defending against the world, there’s not much room for receiving either. How can you receive with all of those defence systems in place?

And so, is controversy really a lie? What if we could extract everything that’s been decided as right, wrong, good, bad? Would controversy even exist? What would the world be like if judgment became obsolete?

One of the things that prevents us the most from being ourselves is that we are afraid of judgment from others. We are afraid to be judged and afraid to be controversial. When you are willing to be in the question, when you are willing to be controversial, the significance of the judgment from others becomes irrelevant. Other people’s judgments are a reflection of who they are, not of who they are judging, yet we automatically accept their points of view as fact.

Controversy isn’t about the shock value for the sake of popularity. It’s about choosing to be more of you. It’s a refreshing invitation to a different possibility, a new way of being. Instead of being for or against, ask a question of, what else is possible – beyond polarity – what if we could be or do something different to take us into the realms of something else?

We don’t have to be the effect of other people’s points of view and judgments. We don’t need to react. It is possible to have the level of freedom, where nothing is relevant anymore and everything is just an interesting point of view. The very idea of that is so beyond this reality and so amazingly controversial!

Are you willing to stop defending everything you’ve decided as real about you and choose something else instead?

Join 7 amazing Access Consciousness® Facilitators on Voice America – Susanna Mittermaier, Jonas Svensson, Marilyn M Bradford, Tamara Younker, Ricky Williams, Lisen Bengtsson and Anne Maxwell as they explore The Value of Controversy.

This show is about controversy. It’s about being YOU. Because when you are being YOU, and not exactly the same as everyone else, it is controversial!

The willingness to be controversial is the willingness to not play inside the rule book and controversy creates the space to a different possibility.

Are YOU willing to be controversial?



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