Does your business receive the contribution you are creating?

March 21, 2013

Expanding a business requires all the elements of creation, generation and institution. What if being and doing all of these energies from contribution would make your business expand even more?

The last couple of years we, Jonas & Lisen, have been creating and generating our Access Businesses 24/7. We have done and tried a lot of different things and ways to create more expansion. What we have become aware of during this time is that every time we created and generated from “being and receiving the contribution” it has always expanded. When ever we have NOT, it as been more struggle and less expansion.

What does creating from contribution then mean? What would that look like? It’s really not something this reality teaches us. In this reality it’s all about helping others, benefiting and winning.

To function from contribution always empowers. It’s not about helping everybody all the time. Being a contribution is sometimes just to be willing to be an energy that empowers and expands something, and at the same time it doesn’t exclude doing and action. It’s about being willing to be and do what is required, without giving yourself up. It includes everything and it’s not about how you can benefit the most in every situation. When you’re trying to benefit as much as possible from every situation and deal, we often times create a short term win, and not necessarily an expansion for the future. When you’re functioning from contribution you’re aware of what will expand now and in the future.
If not? What can you change? What can you be and do different that will allow that?

You can ask questions such as:

– Do I need to add something?
– Is there an investment required?
– Do I need to be and do something different?
– What would create ease & fun?

So, how do you know if you are creating and generating from contribution? One way to start becoming more aware of the difference is to look at the different choices you make and see what expanded your business and what didn’t. And from the space of being a contribution, creating and generating can be much more fun. And how much are you already being a contribution to you, to your business and to others without receiving it? It’s amazing how often being that contribution is actually about being willing to be the energy that is required.

Contribution is a two-way stream. Being and receiving. When you’re creating and generating from contribution it always generates and creates more. Is your business set up to receive what you’re creating and generating?

Look at your business and ask yourself this question:

-Does this platform and the systems I have in place, allow me to be and receive what I desire my business to be?

It’s much easier to function from contribution if you create a platform that is built on ease. So what can you do now, that would create more fun and ease in your business? Have you noticed how it’s easy to be cranky sometimes when there’s no ease? How fun is that and how much is that effecting the contribution you could choose? When something isn’t fun anymore or starting to be a lot of struggle it’s time to change something. That’s how you can be a contribution to yourself. Are you willing to be and receive that contribution from yourself or are you waiting for somebody else to solve your problems?

What if you created your life and your business in a way that would allow you to easily receive all the possibilities you’re creating? Would that create more?

Being that contribution that you KNOW will empower and expand something can sometimes be uncomfortable. And what if stepping beyond the “comfortable limitations” and following what you know will create exactly what you’re asking for? Are you willing to choose that for you? Would you be willing to choose something so different to create and generate the business you desire?

What contribution can you be and receive?

Jonas & Lisen

Jonas and Lisen are Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators and you can contact them via their facilitator pages www. jonassvensson.accessconsciousness.com and www.lisenbengtsson.accessconsciousness.com .



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Mar 25, 2013

What a great blog! Thank you for contributing such an inspiration with some fantastic questions to ask that I’ve been asking how to ask for some time! A great interpretation and perception of “contribution” too!
Thank you so very much.

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