Breaking Up Can Be Easy to Do with Access Consciousness® and Lisen Bengtsson

February 03, 2013

“Every person that comes to me has a gold mine of their own where they could create incredible wealth and an incredible life for themselves,” says Lisen Bengtsson, of Helsingborg, Sweden, one of the 7 facilitators for “The Value of Controversy“.
Lisen already knows of one Swedish millionaire from a business class she co-facilitated with her good friend Jonas Svensson. On the other end of the spectrum, she’s also been assisting many people recently who are interested in starting Access Consciousness® businesses from scratch. She enjoys “empowering them to be willing to receive clients, create classes, and have fun instead of being stuck in their lack and their feeling that they don’t know how.”
Lisen has plenty of experience with turning her financial situation around using the Access Consciousness® tools. When she signed up for her first class, she had to choose between paying for that class and paying her rent. “In just four months I turned my business from almost not being able to live to really having fun and creating a business.”
She recalls the journey that took her to that class and far beyond. She had explored lots of alternative paths, motivated by the illness of her mother when Lisen was 18. “I came to a point where I knew the problem was me. I was doing tons of coaching and spiritual work and energy work and I remember the day when I said, ‘F***, this has to change. In 1-2 weeks time, very fast, I came across a Facebook invitation from somebody I didn’t even know. It took more than 10 days for me to sign up for the class because paying for that class was more than half of my rent at that time, which I was making to the penny each month.
“When I opened that Facebook page, my body said, ‘Go there, Lisen,’ and my mind said, ‘That’s a lot of money.’ It was a body class and I had problems with money. It did not make any sense. I am now really grateful that my body was that clear and that I listened to it.”
“After that class, the thing that turned around first for me was in the area of money. People were calling me for projects to manage. Even companies I didn’t want to work for called me with amazing possibilities! After that changed with money, I looked at other areas and asked, ‘What else can I change here?’ That was the start of the journey in every area of my life and I’m still on that journey, exploring more and changing more. Changing is too much fun not to change!”
Now that Lisen is travelling and facilitating seminars worldwide, what she’s become aware of is “the contribution that I’m being in choosing something different in areas like business and relationships.”
One of the ways she’s been functioning from a different place is in her relationship with Jonas Svensson, another one of the facilitators for “The Value of Controversy”. The two had a romantic relationship for several years. It has now ended but the two remain close friends and work together frequently. Now she can say with ease, “I care for Jonas a lot, and I adore him, and I am so grateful for him, and that has nothing to do with whether we’re in a love relationship or not. I am really grateful for that.”
How did Lisen get to this unique point of view about a former romantic partner? “I had a couple weeks where it was very upsetting for me, and I demanded that that was not the way I wanted to create my life. I asked for help, I asked a lot of questions; I talked to Gary and Dain, all to change the way I was functioning.
“Instead of being devastated, sad, upset, and getting stuck there, I cleared things so I could look at the possibilities and the situation opened up.”
Ironically, this has been helpful to people in relationships that are not breaking up as well. “What people notice when I talk about it is that instead of trying to blame somebody or react to it, they see how it expands my life when I talk about it. They get a release at the same time with whatever they’re stuck with in past relationships. When we talk about how we broke up with ease, it actually makes their existing relationships better.”
“A lot of people are surprised that we can work together, that the emotional part has not destroyed that possibility. It is really a choice of creating your own reality. What would you like for you?”
If you’d like to have what Lisen’s having, you might find it easier than you think. She only speaks 5 languages and loves to travel. She also regularly does teleclasses on different Access Consciousness® topics which are attended by people worldwide.


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