Does Consciousness Have Anything to Offer for Insomnia?

January 06, 2013

Insomnia is one of those complaints that sounds trivial to anyone not suffering from it, but is crippling and limiting to those who do.

Fortunately, it is one of the problems that Access Consciousness® has many ways to approach.

If your insomnia is not long-standing, you might ask yourself and your body some questions before you even consider it a problem. You might ask, “What am I aware of here that I’m not acknowledging?” Your insomnia could be your body’s way of letting you know there’s something potentially harmful or disturbing that you should be paying attention to.

If your insomnia is long-standing or not due to a dangerous situation you need to be aware of, then you might wish to consider some of the many tools Access Consciousness® uses to deal with it, as explained below.

Much improved sleep is one of the benefits many, many people report after receiving their first Access Bars® session or class. Biofeedback experts report that one session of Access Bars® changes brain waves from the active beta state to the deeply relaxed theta state, so improved sleep from this phenomenal hands on approach is hardly surprising.

An important question to ask anyone who is suffering from insomnia is whether they actually require as much sleep as they believe they do. The requirement of 8 hours of sleep a day is so drummed into us by this reality that few question it. What if the humanoids, the more creative people on the planet, actually would do better on Thomas Edison-style catnaps of 20 minutes throughout the day? Many people who participate in Access Consciousness® seminars report being able to get twice as much done in half the time they used to require, and this applies to our bodies’ receiving the restful benefits for sleep as well.

Because of the energizing and over-all productivity-boosting effects of Access Consciousness®, people who come to an Access Bars® session or class to handle insomnia may have to wait a few days to experience the effects as their body adjusts to having so much more energy available to them. But is that a problem? Isn’t lack of energy due to disturbed sleep a major reason people consider insomnia a problem in the first place?

As usual in Access Consciousness®, there are many tools offered which can handle insomnia. Wakefulness in the wee hours can often indicate a heightened sensitivity to entities, disembodied beings and energies that are more easily perceived when everyone else is asleep. One participant who experienced this during her first advanced 7-day event likened it to trying to sleep in the room with a freight train.

Even if your sensitivity to other beings is not as dramatic as this, there’s a tool that’s easy to use. As you’re going to bed, surround yourself with orangish-red and blue-ish purple light. These are the two colors that are at either end of a rainbow. It is not necessary to have light bulbs of these colors in your room! All you have to do is invite your body to surround itself with light of these colors.

Another way to banish unwanted visitors during the night is the clearing for a particularly nasty kind of being that we invite in whenever we assign greater power or significance to anything other than our own consciousness. Since we have all followed gurus in some lifetime or another, there’s a pretty good chance we all have some of these guys still haunting us, so to speak. The clearing for this is easy and can be said again and again: “Return to from whence you came, never to return to me or this reality again.” Hint: this clearing also works for compulsive negative, self-doubting thoughts of any kind, including those that occur in your waking hours.

If it’s mind chatter that keeps you awake, Access Consciousness® offers yet another tool. It is, curiously enough, called “the crazy phrase.” It’s named after the very activity it stops—the craziness of your mind. The crazy phrase is, “Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite of what it appears to be.”

Like the clearing above, it also works on your monkey mind during waking hours, and it also works on crazy people you can be surrounded by, such as aggressive people you might encounter on the street.

These tools to deal with insomnia are just one example of the thousands of tools that are available in every Access Consciousness® class. Many are included in the course manuals that accompany Access Bars® through Levels 2 & 3, and the Licensed Facilitator of your choice knows dozens more that can be introduced in classes as questions arise. You can find a Facilitator near you (or one who would be willing to travel to your location at your invitation) by searching “Find a Facilitator” on the Facilitator menu of the accessconsciousness.com website.



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Jan 10, 2013

Thank you for this very much needed article. Gives us several options to consider… definitely more insightful then what I have been reading so far about the subject : )

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Jan 19, 2013

Access Bars always assists in easier, deeper and more restful sleep… for my body and me.

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