Are You Sad or Happy? It’s just a choice!

January 26, 2013

People are more willing to choose sadness than happiness!! Have you noticed? In this audio clip from the recent ‘Happiness is Just a Choice’ class, Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer talk about why this is so.

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What if happiness could be a choice that you make in each and every moment? Here’s three simple ways to start:

  1. Stop talking about the unhappiness in your world unless it’s going to create something different. What if you could be the happiest person you know? It’s just a choice!
  2. Stop listening to other people talk about their unhappiness, especially if you’ve heard the same stories over and over and over! Have you ever considered that you asking for a different possibility could actually be a kindness?
  3. Start to consider what would actually allow you to choose happy. Seek to know what would be way more fun for you… and be that enthusiastic wedgie of joy in the universe. Do you know how many lives you can change just by being exuberantly, joyfully you?

Can you imagine? A world full of happy people? It starts with you! It’s not about trying to make other people happy. It’s about you BEING happy… and inviting people to be a part of the happy universe you inhabit… just by being you!

Would you like to hear the whole ‘Happiness is Just a Choice’ class? You can buy the MP3’s here.



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