Has your body been asking for this?

December 09, 2012

Many people, from certified 3-Day Body Class instructors to an experienced CEO like Steve Bowman, have noted that the Advanced Body Class with Gary Douglas created a phenomenal amount of change in all aspects of their lives.

What does it take for you to participate? Two of these classes are scheduled for 2013. The North American class in Denver is coming up January 25-27, whereas the European class (country not yet announced) is scheduled for June 7-9, 2013.

Access Consciousness™ Body Classes generally have been multiplying rapidly. As Body Class co-ordinator Donnielle Carter says, “The bodies have been demanding it.”

The body processes (beyond the few basic ones included in Foundation and Level 1) used to be included in Levels 2 & 3, but Gary noticed no one was doing them. When he removed them from Levels 2 & 3 and put them in a separate class, people seemed to notice them and be wiling to actually do them. Like any tool, they do have to be used to be effective.

Sometimes the different kinds of body classes offered and different types of body facilitators can be confusing, so here is some clarification.

More than 300 people worldwide are Body Process Class Facilitators. These folks have taken at least one 3-day Body Class with one of the 6 current facilitators (Marg Braunack, Dr. Kacie Crisp, Susan Lazar Hart, Shannon O’Hara, Jason Pettipiece, and Glenna Rice) and have registered with Access Consciousness™. They are qualified to teach half-day or evening classes, which present one body process, or whole day classes that offer two of the 50 some body processes offered in the 3-day class.

While these classes are a great introduction to the Access Consciousness™ bodywork, lots of fun, potentially life-changing, and widely available, they do not apply to the pre-requisites for Gary’s Advanced Body Class.

The six 3-day Body Class Facilitators offer three-day classes that include a manual and introduction to the 50+ body processes that offer the invitation to change anything that’s not working in your body. Not only are they tremendously educational, they are also lots of fun and quite nurturing to your body as you receive and gift three days of bodywork that’s like nothing else available.

To participate in the 3 Day Advanced Body Class with Gary, TWO of the 3-day classes as well as having completed Levels 2 & 3 are required. The good news is that you have plenty of opportunities to meet these requirements as lots of classes are being offered in both the US and Europe in various locations with different facilitators. You can locate the class nearest you by searching “find a class” for the 3 Day Body Class Created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer. Access Bars™ through Level 1 are required to participate in these classes.

The pre-requisites for the Advanced Body Class that only Gary teaches seem to be necessary in order for participants and their bodies to get the maximum effect. When Gary allowed people to participate in the Advanced Body Class who had not received enough of the processes from the 3-day Body Class, they did not seem to get the results that were possible for others. “I wasn’t willing for people to get less than the result they could get,” Gary states, so he increased the requirements so people could experience the major benefits and changes that can be created with these processes.

Receiving 20-30 sessions of MTVSS, which as Gary has said for years will re-write the blueprint of limitation that’s been forced on your body, is also highly recommended prior to participation in Gary’s Advanced Body Class.

What would it take for you to give yourself this gift through your body?



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