Defrag Your Brain To Reach Your Optimim Potential

December 05, 2012

By Guest Author Janice Jackson

Really?? Absolutely! Why not? We can do it to our computers, why not our brain?

Our brains have been compared to computers, right? But what would it take? What would that look like exactly? Would it hurt? Is there a magic “button” somewhere on my head that I can push?

Well sort of. Actually there are 32 such places on the head and they are called “Bars” – energy Bars that is, and when they are lightly touched, they re ease electromagnetic energy. This is where the defrag takes place.

“OK, I’ll take some of that” you say. Great! Here’s how it works. About 25 years ago a guy named Gary Douglas came up with these energy Bars that run through the head. Each Bar pertains to some aspect of our life that we deal with every day: joy, sadness, money, control, creativity, creating connections, peace, gratitude, and more.

He found out that when we touch each of these Bars, the particular aspect of that Bar gets defragged. By defragged, I mean that old habits and patterns surrounding that Bar are released. Poof! Gone!

How cool is that? So some of the things we learned from our parents, grandma and grandpa, teachers, TV, books, etc. that are stored in our brain (a lot of which is subconscious) and which inhibit us from performing at our optimum potential, or being the person we want to be, can be released.

Have you ever wondered why you keep choosing the same things in your life that don’t really work for you? Why would you choose a job that starts early in the morning when you are not a morning person? Or why choose a job that is 100% working inside when you love being outdoors? Why would you work for a male boss when you know you work better with a female boss? Why do certain attributes of your coworkers always get on your nerves? Does constructive criticism always leave you feeling “less than”?

“Getting your Bars run” describes a typical “defragging” session. This can be done in a reclining chair or on a massage table. Almost everyone falls asleep – a deep theta sleep. And it’s OK to snore. No one will care. This will be your time to totally receive, relax and renew. Sounds heavenly already doesn’t it? When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Restorative sleep is an absolute necessity to our well being. Or an hour to yourself with no interruptions?

All this happens in an hour! No more long hours on the psychiatrist’s couch (not that there’s anything wrong with that) trying to figure things out. You can relax and change at the same time. The session continues to work after getting your Bars run because more things continue releasing each day.

What would it look like if you couldn’t wait to get to work every day? Can you really wake up joyful each morning? What if you had so many new ideas to contribute to your job that you didn’t know where to start? Is it possible to not take things personally? What if things were not right or wrong, or good or bad? What if they were just ideas with no judgment? Oh my!

Can we really allow co-workers and bosses to be who they are without resisting and reacting, or aligning and agreeing (all that polarity)? What would it take for your life to be easier?

I know, some of this sounds so “outside the box” doesn’t it? Well, it can actually happen by getting your Bars run. It’s so easy. How does it get any better than that? What else is possible? Get your Bars run and put the “joy” back in “job”. Or life. Or your family. Or whatever.



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Dec 18, 2012

Weird question regarding the bars. First, I really like having my bars run and the first couple of times were very intense and altering. I have been running bars on others and having my bars run for a couple of months now and I am noticing that I get kinda of ill the following two days after a session of giving. Dizzy, nauseous, headache. Does this happen to anyone else? Do we know what causes it? Should I stop giving bars?

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Dec 24, 2012

Hi Sheila,
Definitely don’t stop running Bars. As a Bar practitioner I hope you were taught that the symptoms you experienced are part of the clearing. Some people experience those symptoms and others don’t. For some the clearings take longer and for others it can be immediate. I think it has to do with how open or resistant we are at the time. I am a Bars facilitator. I was running Bars for a woman and she had a full blown migraine at the end of the session. I felt terrible but she was smiling and assuring me that the session was powerful and definitely clearing something. She called me the next day to tell me she felt fantastic and thanked me for running her Bars. Once I had my Bars run and felt nothing. For the next three days I felt “Blah” – felt dead. When I woke up the next day I felt reborn – hadn’t felt so alive in years. It is important to tell the person receiving the Bars to have no expectation but to be open and receive the energy. And tell them that if they have symptoms such as yours to know that it is not the usual but not uncommon and it will go away. They also need to know that they are in charge of the session and talk up if something doesn’t feel right such as the pressure being used. Some people are so sensitive that they feel the energy outside of the body and even the slightest touch can be uncomfortable.
Some people I have run Bars for have had unexpected and amazing experiences
such a stressed woman experiencing three days of absolute bliss following the session: an 86 yr. old woman releasing a burden that she had carried since she was five years old and feeling such joy that now she had her childhood back; a woman after four sessions getting her voice back after years of not being able to talk above a scratchy whisper. Other people have less dramatic results but almost everyone relaxes. Some people will have results days or weeks later and never associate it with the Bars but the energy is running and clearing.
Oops!Just reread what your wrote – that your symptoms come after running the bars rather than receiving the bars. You could be pulling the energy into you rather than letting it flow through you? and remember, if you have an issue that is being cleared in your client, it is being cleared in you as well even if you weren’t thinking of it.
Continue to give and receive and your symptoms will clear.

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Jan 4, 2013

Hi Sheila,
In the advanced body class and at my last 2/3, Gary made it very clear that when we are giving bars or body process what happens in our bodies is not ours! its the person on the table and your body senses it, so 100% is not yours , be aware if during the energy pulls that you get the energy flowing through you and know you are not sticking yourself by taking their stuff and holding onto it, or processing it for them, bars do not require that of us…return to sender and contribute it to the earth….and yes indeed keep getting your bars run…”whats the value of of being a universal surrogate?” and “are You a Healer?” with ease joy and gratitude Moi

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Jan 15, 2013

great analogy of the computer de-frag. wonder where that came from ?

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