Can Consciousness Change Your Cash Flow? Pt V

September 09, 2012

Access Consciousness™ is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In the previous article, some ways that the “Ten Commandments” of Access Consciousness™ can be used to change your money situation were discussed.

This article is the fifth in a series that will explain more fully how every single one of them can apply to your financial life. This article focuses on the seventh commandment, No drugs of any kind.

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the full list of all Ten Commandments.

1. Would an infinite being really choose this?
2. Everything is just an interesting point of view.
3. Live in 10-second increments.
4. Live as the question, not as the answer.
5. No form, no structure, no significance.
6. No judgment, no discrimination, no discernment
7. No drugs of any kind
8. No competition.
9. Do not listen to, tell, or buy the story
10. No exclusion

This article deals with the effect of drugs on your money flows.

It’s perhaps obvious that drugs are not the best investment if you’d like to become wealthy, but their effect on money flows far surpasses their obvious drain on your finances, for a couple of reasons.

When Access Consciousness™ says “no drugs,” no one is recommending you stop taking your insulin if you’re a diabetic or your thyroid medication if that’s what your body requires. Drugs in this sense applies to all street drugs (including that “natural herb” marijuana) as well as prescription drugs that keep you from showing up as you. Among these prescription drugs are those prescribed for ADD and ADHD (including Ritalin which is more hallucinogenic per weight than LSD), as well as the mind altering anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs.

The danger of these mind-altering drugs, even though they are legally prescribed, is that they alter who you are. One woman who had done cocaine and alcohol for 13 years before getting sober in a 12-step program actually stopped also taking her anti-anxiety and anti-ADD drugs when she became involved in Access Consciousness™.

Her friends noticed a huge difference in her personality. It was as if the true person she was that had been hiding beneath all the chemicals showed up. “When she was taking the drugs, there was more of an edge, a franticness to her, even though the drugs were supposed to take that edge off,” recalls one of her best friends. To their sadness, not long after that she returned to her psychiatrist and bought his point of view. “You’re right, I have a chemical imbalance in my brain, I can’t go off these drugs,” she told him. Her friends found the real Lisa impossible to find or connect with on anything but a superficial basis after that.

Marijuana has a particularly devastating effect on finances. While Access Consciousness™ founder and best-selling author is not sure HOW marijuana works to send the finances of all involved in a southerly direction, he is certain that it does work that way. When his oldest son was doing drugs, he could never even get his checkbook to balance. When his son moved out, he could balance it without a problem.

It doesn’t have to be a relative involved for marijuana to zap your finances. One couple was living in an expensive condo in Silicon Valley. Directly below their apartment was a state-mandated affordable housing unit occupied by a single mother and her dope-smoking college student son. The man of the couple reached out to this young man, engaging him in occasional conversations in an attempt to make a contribution to his life. This minimal involvement with the dope-smoker was enough to destroy the couple’s “golden parachutes,” their substantial severance agreements they both received on leaving jobs in the tech sector. Douglas advised them to sell the apartment,
which they did, and their finances worked much better once they were no longer living in such close proximity to a dope smoker.

One hypothesis of how this works is that somehow marijuana allows people to put something concerning money in some other dimension, one that cannot be located without going on another dope-smoking journey.

Another man who was quite gifted at finding work in his construction field, even during the current economic slowdown, found himself lacking work for a period of a month, which had never happened before. That personal slowdown coincided with the time when a friend of his son’s was staying with him. When he heard that the boy smoked a lot of dope, all the pieces of the puzzle came together. When the boy moved out, the man’s finances turned around. This strange “coincidence” occurred even though the boy did not smoke in the house of his host, knowing that smoking dope there was strictly against the rules. As Douglas says, “We don’t know HOW it works, we just know that it does work.”

Douglas has described what occurs with substance abuse as a chemical personality that imbibers create. Anyone who’s tried to have a conversation with an addict of any kind and had the impression they’re talking to the drugs not the person knows exactly what this is like. Among the many Access Consciousness™ tools that can change this are some body processes that can undo damage to the brain created by drugs, as well as others that remove those chemicals and toxicity, which are still stored in the body—no matter how long ago they were consumed.

Another interesting consequence of using drugs is that it invites entities to come into the body. This doesn’t occur with a glass or two of champagne, but it does occur with heavy alcohol use, as well as the use of other drugs. When an entity occupies the body, the body’s “owner” does not have full control or use of it. It is hard for those around him or her to know exactly who they’re talking to, as the entities’ personalities are usually quite different from the original person’s, and generally not an improvement upon it!

If you’ve ever noticed the smoky feel to bars or pubs, even now that smoking in them is banned most places in the world, then you have been perceiving the entities that surround alcoholics. That smokiness is the alcoholics who no longer have physical bodies to drink the alcohol, trying to enroll others who do inhabit bodies to take a drink for them to satisfy the entity’s craving.

Street drugs all invite entities to come into the body, as do some of the “mind-altering drugs” available with a prescription. These include the drugs that change your personality, such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-ADD drugs. The experience of being anesthetized for surgery can also invite entities into the body. As this is a rather finite incident, the problem of recurrence of entities that is the rule with regular users of drugs does not occur.

Though some veterans of the 60s and their offspring may have bought the lie that drugs enhance consciousness. This is not actually the case, says Douglas. They do change consciousness; they do not enhance it.

“Drugs are always a choice for anti-consciousness,” says Douglas. “You’re sitting on a picket fence. Sooner or later you’re going to end up with
something up your butt!”

As with everything in Access Consciousness™ and consciousness itself, drugs are also a choice. Perhaps having this additional information will motivate you to make a different choice; perhaps not.



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Mar 2, 2013

I definitely do not agree with any of this viewpoint on marijuana. I don’t know how you can take some isolated incidents and draw blanket conclusions based on them. I have many experiences that prove the opposite. I think the only limits are the ones we put on ourselves and you should probably expand your consciousness to think the same given your line of work and the fact that you call yourselves Access Consciousness. You are using flawed logic to draw conclusions. I’m not saying everything needs to have a logical explanation to be possible, but you should avoid making claims on things that you really know nothing about, especially when they really have no relevance on what you do, have studied or have a solid understanding of. All the best to you.

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