New Way to Lose Weight and Create Your Ideal Body

July 24, 2012

From size 16 to size 6 in four months without changing her diet or exercise? How DID Donnielle Carter do it? And could it be possible for you too?

It’s true, she did do it, and you can too—if you’re willing. The secrets are revealed in best selling author and Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas’s newest book, Right Body for You.

As you might suspect, the latest of Douglas’s many books is NOT a diet book. It’s more encompassing that that. It could be described as a manual on how to create communication with your most neglected best friend and lifelong companion—your body.

In Douglas’s Access Consciousness™ courses, which he has been offering worldwide for 25 years, he is fond of remarking, “All sacred cows go to slaughter.” He has been “slaughtering” the limiting, illogical beliefs of most religions and spirituality for years. This book can do the same for everything we believe is true about our bodies.

Its essence is quite simple, and actually consistent with vitalistic approaches to health such as chiropractic, acupuncture, and other forms of natural healing. Your body is not an inanimate hunk of meat that’s prone to breakdowns and malfunctions unless some technology intervenes. Instead, your body is infinitely wise and knows all kinds of things about what’s right for creating the most ease possible for you and for it.

All you have to do is access that information. Right Body for You gives you a multitude of tools to do that. The first tool is to recognize the awareness your body has. Further tools include ways to access that wisdom and act on it to change whatever about your body isn’t working for you.

Have you ever noticed that many “natural” and “alternative” approaches are quite rigid and formulaic in their recommendations? Nothing in Right Body for You is a formula. The only prescription is to ask your body what it knows and act on that. This tends to stand all formulas, prescriptions, and common knowledge on its head.

The concept that once a prescription medication is required, it should be administered exactly the same way every day, is just one of the assumptions Douglas questions. Using muscle testing and the questions presented in the book, he has found that a body’s requirements, even for a prescription medication, can vary greatly. Not being a medical doctor, he naturally does not prescribe. What he does recommend is asking your own body.

Nor does he follow any common assumptions of the natural food advocates. Those that recommend only organic food be served as snacks in his classes are often the first people to sneak a donut when they think he’s not looking, he has noted.

As Dr. Dain Heer, Douglas’s business partner and frequent co-author has noted, “If what your body requires is sugar, then isn’t it just as cruel to deny it that sugar as it is to give it sugar that it doesn’t require?”

Heer also points out many of the things we think we do are actually done not by us the ‘Being’, but by our bodies. “You don’t have sex, your body does; you don’t eat, your body does; you don’t get dressed, your body does,” Heer often reminds people. Doesn’t it make sense to at least consult your body about what it’s doing, rather than running roughshod over its preferences and requirements without consulting it?

Including the body is an integral part of Douglas and Heer’s approach to consciousness. While many spiritual and new age approaches ignore the body, Douglas and Heer, consider it an integral part of becoming conscious. You not only should take your body along for the ride on the road to enlightenment, you actually cannot become fully conscious without it, they have found.

“You are an infinite being,” they note. “You choose to come back into a body again and again. There must be a greatness to embodiment or we wouldn’t keep choosing it.”

Embodiment, in their view, includes more than your physical body—it includes everything involved in operating that body in this reality.

Right Body for You includes many tools alluded to in Douglas and Heer’s many other books. It is the most complete compendium of exactly how to talk to your body (and hear what your body has to say back!) they have yet published. It’s a collection of all the body-oriented tools (except for the hands on body processes, which are only taught in live classes) in one amazing book.

Right Body for You also includes many topics which might not appear to be related to your body at all, such as money; aesthetics, decadence, hedonism and elegance; judging your body, what that creates, and how to stop it. There are also chapters on aging, food, and consciousness, all of which cover this information from a completely different perspective.

Right Body for You is available from the Access Consciousness™ website, www.accessconsciousness.com, as well as amazon.com. Donnielle Carter presents workshops on the topic worldwide, via teleseminars and in person. She can be contacted by email. DVD recordings of Douglas and Heer presenting much of the information in this book in live classes are also available from their website.



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Sep 9, 2012

Absolutely brilliant book, I am going to stock on my own web site!

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