Is life working out like you’ve been told it should?

July 02, 2012

Distractors are everywhereHave you defined what you want your life to look like, and are you setting your intention to meet your goals? Is it working out like you’ve been told it should?

Or somewhere deep down do you suspect that there’s something wrong with you, because you just can’t get it to work out like you’ve been told it should?

If this describes your point of view on your life, then the tools of Access Consciousness™ could be just what you’re looking for. What if your inability to make life work the way you’ve been told it should be is not a wrongness on your part, but an indication that you’re becoming aware of ways you have been lied to, and bought the lies?

The way of looking at life and living as described above fits what Access Consciousness™ calls a distractor implant. Put simply, a distractor implant is a way of looking at things that keeps you from ever having you. Distractor implants have been compared to a dog chasing its tail. It looks like a lot is going on, but the motion goes nowhere and the dog never gets what he’s seeking. Believing distractor implants and living within them keep you small, unhappy, and always feeling like you’re less than you could and should be.

The sense of being less than you could and should be is the only part of it that’s at all true. To get to that greatness that you really are, you have to be able to step out of the mire of thinking that a distractor implant represents.

There are 24 qualities that Access Consciousness™ identifies as distractor implants. The points of view described at the top of this article can be described as the distractor implants “life, living, and reality.”

But aren’t those real? They very well could be everything you were told was real—but therein lies the rub. When you believe in these concepts as represented in this reality, you’ve bought yourself a one-way ticket to nowhere. They are idealized concepts, definitions of what you are told should be but did anything anyone told you about how to make them work for you really work?

The very way you have defined them, or had them defined for you so that you bought that definition as real, is the very limitation you haven’t been able to overcome to make your life, your living, and your reality work for you. Haven’t you been bending, folding, mutilating and stapling yourself into what you hope will fit into this reality so you can have the life, living, and reality you’ve always been told is valuable?

What Gary Douglas, best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness™ has discovered, is that definition by definition alone is a limitation. Once you define what you want as your life, your living, and your reality, it becomes impossible for you to have it. When you work from a definition of what life, living and reality are, you have no choice but to try to fit yourself into this externally determined definition. No wonder you can feel like the dog chasing its tail!

Fortunately, there’s another way of creating your life. It requires living from a sense of question in which constant change and transformation is possible. The elements of creating your life from this place are question, choice, possibility, and contribution.

The strength of questions is that they always empower you, whereas conclusion and answer disempower you. A question always creates more possibilities, which creates more choices, which creates more possibilities to be and receive contribution.

You could try functioning from these questions:

• What question can I ask here?
• What choices do I have here?
• What else is possible here?
• What contribution can I be and receive?

Functioning from these questions creates a life that’s more fluid than one that’s already defined as in the distractor implants. With that fluidity comes an ability to deal with change and follow the energy of the moment as it presents itself. In times which are changing as rapidly as the one we’re living in, might that ability to change with what’s occurring be in your best interest?

If you’d like to try some other Access Consciousness™ tools you could also consider making some changes in your wording and point of view. It’s your point of view that creates your reality, not the other way around.

There are a couple of other limitations in the description that began this article. If you’re setting your intentions on something, according to Douglas, it means you believe there will be obstacles you have to overcome in achieving it. What’s the alternative? How about just asking?

“Ask and you shall receive is one of the truths in the Bible,” Douglas says. “We live in an abundant universe that gives us what we ask for.” Unfortunately for the intention-setters, setting your intention tells the universe you’re expecting obstacles to receiving what you’ve asked for. Is that really what you wish to create? You could try simply asking instead of setting those intentions that actually function to set obstacles to receiving what you’ve asked for in place.

Another point of view that could make a change in your getting what you’ve been asking for is that word goals. Well-meaning airport business books aside, setting goals is a trap. It’s no coincidence that its spelling is still very close to the word for jail in countries like Britain and Australia, where jail is spelled gaol. When you set a goal, you do put yourself in jail. That jail can last over lifetimes, as well.

Did you ever experience getting to a goal you’d set, only to have it slip through your hands so you had to try again and again? The reason for this is that the goal you set holds you captive forever until you change it. If you don’t acknowledge that you’ve met a goal, you will have to lose what you’ve gained, only to achieve it again and again. Even worse, this applies to goals you’ve set in other lifetimes, which also still keep you in jail.

It’s the goal-as-jail phenomena that explains why some people can make their goal of, for example, having a million dollars, only to lose it and then make another million yet again. One way out of this is to destroy all your commitments to all your goals set in any lifetime.

If you’d like to have something to aim for in the future, you could try a target. A target is easily moved, and you can aim at it again and again. It has a lot more flexibility than a goal, and it won’t keep you trapped.

If this information flies in the face of everything you’ve been told and believed about life, living, and reality—then you’re beginning to get the idea. What if you could use these tools to create the life you’d really like to have, instead of the one you defined as valuable based on other people’s expectations? It could fit you a lot better, and it just might be a lot more fun.

These tools and many more are offered in the Access Consciousness™ core classes, as well as in books, teleclasses, and recorded classes. Information about all of these can be found on the Access Consciousness™ website, www.accessconsciousness.com.



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