Children Get Their Own Levels 2 & 3 for the First Time Ever!

July 03, 2012

Kids RunningGary gets letters from the children who attend his classes. “Gary, would you puh-leeze do a class for children only? These adults are way too slow!”

Children are now getting their wish—Gary Douglas is going to present an Access Consciousness™ Levels 2 & 3 for children in Austin, TX, starting July 20! This class is being live-streamed so it’s available for anyone who’s met the pre-requisites of having taken Bars through Level 1 classes to watch worldwide.

As you might expect, this will be quite a different class. Adults are allowed to attend, in person or via the Internet, but they are not allowed to ask questions. Because it is a benefit for the Ricky Williams Foundation, the normal discount for people reviewing within 12 months will not apply*. Adult attendees from the US are asked to pay the full price of $2000 (including the price of the audio recording, as all of Gary and Dain’s classes now do), all of which Gary will donate to the Ricky Williams Foundation. The entire class tuition can be written off as a charitable deduction if attendees choose.

Adults participating from outside of the US pay $2000 also or the reviewer’s price of $1100 if they have done Levels 2 & and within 12 months. For the purposes of this class, “children” is being defined as age 18 and younger. Those with 19 years or more in bodies on the planet are encouraged and invited to attend and enjoy, without speaking up in class.

Ricky Williams in ClassRicky Williams himself is facilitating Bars through Level 1, which are the pre-requisites for attending this class, like any other Levels 2 & 3. Ricky’s class (July 9-13), which he’s calling Limitless Life Skills Camp, is free to kids in his program under 16 and $50 for those not yet enrolled in his program and $700 for those 16-18. Children from outside of Austin who have attended Bars through Level 1 with any facilitator are also invited.

Through Ricky’s Kids, the Ricky Williams Foundation is perfecting a new and alternative place of growth for children in the Austin, TX, area. It offers a free after-school program for low-income students who would not otherwise have the financial means to have after-school care. His target is to reach 1 million kids nationwide become the standard for culturally conscious educational programs. A corporation originally pledged to make substantial donations to the Foundation, but they withdrew their support when Ricky resigned from the NFL after 11 seasons playing professional football.

Ricky Williams with some Ricky's KidsThrough his program for “Ricky’s Kids,” ex-NFL football player Ricky and his foundation aim to provide a positive, nurturing environment that fosters intellectual, social and emotional development through a meaningful mentoring experience for children coming from low socio-economic communities. Ricky himself was raised by a minority single mother.

Gary is supporting the Ricky Williams Foundation because of the possibilities it creates to offer children support, which is not available from the current school systems or elsewhere. Gary has long been aware of the limitations created by school systems worldwide, which insist that children cannot know what they know and disempower them by pigeonholing and labeling instead of by asking questions and acknowledging them.

Williams, who has explored many alternative approaches including yoga, massage, chiropractic, and a vegan diet, discovered Access Consciousness only this January. Like the Heisman trophy winning linebacker he is, he charged through all of the required classes to attend the Access Consciousness Facilitators’ Training in Rome in early March. He will be facilitating many of the kids who attend the Levels 2 & 3 himself through the first three classes.

Access Consciousness is the latest in a series of explorations Ricky has made of alternative approaches to healing. The Ricky Williams Foundation program aims to contribute to children’s emotional and spiritual interests in a holistic way, as Ricky has found successful for himself.



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