Could Consciousness Be What the Doctor Should Order for Our Wounded Warriors?

June 11, 2012

Though the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, they are far from over for some 400,000+ returning service men. That’s the number of returning servicemen and service women estimated to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. It’s based on the conservative estimate that at least 20 per cent of the troops returning are suffering from PTSD in some degree.

While the syndrome has been around since the Napoleonic Wars, it is now complicated by another invisible, but life-altering injury, mild traumatic brain injury. Both syndromes have a physical component and a psychological component, according to Col. John Bradley, head of psychiatry at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Among the symptoms that these soldiers suffer from include headaches, difficulty sleeping, and difficulty concentrating, as well as all kinds of disturbing changes in their personalities. The symptoms of vision, memory, and speech problems; dizziness; depression; and anxiety last far longer in veterans of combat than they normally do following concussions.

Researchers studying civilians suffering from multiple concussions have found that they can lead to a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This may take 15 years to appear and has been linked to Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and a devastating neurological disease similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Making matters worse for returning veterans, head traumas also appear to pre-dispose those affected to suffer from PTSD as well.

So what has this got to do with consciousness anyway? The tools of Access Consciousness™ could be the best available to assist these suffering soldiers. What the military and medics have to offer has been described as “too few tools” which are “not terribly useful.”

What else could be possible to avoid yet another generation of wounded veterans living on the streets, such as followed the war in Vietnam, and suffering early and traumatic suffering and death from these post-traumatic diseases?

The first step could be the Access Bars™. This hour long session of gentle touch, which even a young child can learn, can change the electrical funcitoning of the brain. Many Access Bars™ practitioners report dramatic results in people who have suffered from strokes, for example.

The Access Bars™ are well suited to the combination of physical and psychological damage these returning vets are suffering from. Many people have been able to overcome depression and anxiety, sometimes with only a single session.

Such was the case with Dr. Dain Heer, a doctor who was so depressed by his inability to get his life to work that he would start each day with crying before he went to work. The first time he received an Access Bars™ session, he giggled throughout it like a 4 year old and his depression left permanently. Each time the Access Bars™ are run, the results can get even better.

“Whatever you think your problem is when you lie on the table to receive an Access Bars™ session, it’s almost impossible to hang onto it by the time the session’s over,” says one experienced Access Bars™ facilitator, herself no stranger to depression.

Our bodies actually desire to be healthy, whole, and optimally functioning. It is the considerations that we, the being, have that hold injuries and dysfunction of all kinds in place, says founder of Access Consciousness™ and developer of Access Bars™, Gary Douglas. Each Access Bars™ session can facilitate letting go of up to 10,000 years of considerations—thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, decisions, beliefs in any area that are keeping your body stuck in its unwanted condition.

When the being releases the consideration through the Access Bars™, the body can change seemingly unchangeable conditions within minutes or hours. Douglas experienced this himself when the pigeon-toes he’d suffered from since being a child went away after one Access Bars™ session provided by a total beginner in his class.

Douglas recalls walking down the hall of the hotel in his socks and looking down at his feet. The orientation of his feet changed so much that they had turned into “duck feet.” It was so different from how his legs and feet had been all his life that he momentarily wondered whose feet he was looking at and it took him a moment to realize it was his own! Doctors had said such a change was not possible without drastic surgery involving cutting the bone.

There are some 750 some facilitators of Access Bars™ classes world-wide, so almost anyone on the planet who wishes to learn to provide them for a loved one or friend can do so. The possibility of learning to do them via videotaped class in learning Access Bars™ is also planned for this year.

There is an additional tool of Access Consciousness™ that can further contribute to those suffering from PTSD and TBI (traumatic brain injury). Ironically, Douglas discovered it while working with a World War II veteran. As a young man in the service, this man had wandered into a room where he apparently saw something the military did not wish him to see.

Ever since that episode, whenever he was under stress he had dropped down onto all fours and barked like a dog. By asking questions, Douglas discovered something called Trifold Sequencing Systems was at the root of his problems. When Douglas, using the tools that all Access Consciousness™ facilitators have available, cleared the by-then elderly man of this syndrome, he no longer suffered from this ever again.

This Trifold Sequencing Systems process can be added to the Access Bars™ for even more potently life-changing results for these returning soldiers—or anyone suffering from PTSD of any kind.

Who do you know that’s suffered trauma and might be looking for a change in their life that you could provide if you learned to “run their Access Bars™?”

You can find more information about the day long class in which anyone interested can learn to do the bars at the Access Consciousness website, www.bars.accessconsciousness.com. A DVD of Douglas running the Access Bars™ is also available for sale in the website shop.



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Nov 28, 2016

I love you all in Access Consciousbess and am beyond the beyonds of grateful that my husband in spirit led me to you all in 2013…saved my life…xo

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Access Consciousness

Dec 30, 2016

Thank you so much. We are so grateful for you choosing more!

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