Get rid of Relationships Headaches

May 08, 2012

Are your relationships giving you a headache? There is an alternative to holding your head in your hands in despair! It’s called the Bars™.

Does this mean you should be heading to your local bar for a good stiff drink? Not exactly! “The Bars™” are a set of 32 points on your head which, when gently held, release your negativity—your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, decisions, judgments—on any topic. The Bars™ are one of the many tools of Access Consciousness™, a 25 year old approach to awareness developed by best-selling author Gary Douglas of Santa Barbara, CA.

If you’re finding your thinking and your actions in any area of your life to be in a rut, Bars™ can smooth out the rut so that you can see other points of view that never would have occurred to you before. One of the things that people receiving a Bars™ session for the first time often notice is that situations and people that used to upset them become far less annoying, almost as if by magic.

Relationships are one of the areas that can change dramatically with just one Bars™ session. This includes relationship challenges of all kinds. One little boy who was famous for being a bully in school was so changed after just one Bars™ session that the school actually called his mother to let her know how much he changed the day after the session. His mother, used to dreading daily calls from school complaining about her son, was astonished to hear good news from his school.

In adult relationships, how much of the conflict and unhappiness many people experience comes from partners’ inability to receive who and how their partner is? And how much frustration occurs when your partner cannot or will not receive you? The Bars™ can offer a lot of relief in this area of relationship stress because they open the doors to receiving in a way which is rarely possible on this planet.

One 60 year old woman whose friend offered to gift her a Bars™ session asked what she should do. “Just lie down and receive,” answered the friend.

“No one has ever told me to do that before!” commented the woman. Isn’t that a rather sad commentary on how much gifting and receiving actually occurs in a lifetime of relationships?

Access Consciousness™ refers to “gifting” rather than giving, because so little of what is called a gift in this reality is really gift. The gifting that occurs during a Bars™ session, and the nurturing that is possible for the recipient to receive, is a step out of the “give and take program” of this reality into an experience of the simultaneity of gifting and receiving.

When you receive a Bars™ session, whatever problem or conflict you had when the session started becomes so hard to hold onto that it’s quite likely you’ll forget it altogether by the time the session is over. Because just one session of the Bars™ can erase as much as 10,000 years of accumulated negativity, even the insurmountable issues in a relationship can seem to melt away. Options that never even occurred to you before can suddenly appear and seem possible and desirable. If you could change your relationship simply by lying on a massage table and allowing someone to gently touch your head for an hour, wouldn’t you do so?

If there’s someone who really really bugs you, you can even use the Bars™ to clear up all that dislike between you. When you clash with someone, there’s a good chance it’s your judgments conflicting with their judgments. Whenever you run someone’s Bars™, everything that they let go of during a session is cleared from your universe as well. When you run the Bars™ of someone you’ve been having difficulty with, or they run yours, massive changes in your relationship can occur.

One of the reasons that relationships which start out with a sense of joy and expansion gradually become more and more limiting for the people in them is that the judgments partners have of each other accumulate like giant dust bunnies that never get cleaned away. Having your “Bars™ run” by your partner or anyone else can clear away much of this with amazing ease.

Receiving the Bars™ is an effortless process. Your Bars™ gifter merely touches specific points on the head over the course of about an hour. They don’t put anything into you, they merely invite your body to release garbage it no longer needs. The Bars™ have only been known on planet earth for 25 years. While they use energy like Reiki, they appear to have more far reaching effects on the lives of both gifter and receiver. Likewise, while they may touch on acupuncture points or cranial-sacral positions, the effect they have in changing lives seems to go far beyond these methods.

If you don’t yet know this amazing technique to transform relationships, no worries. It’s taught in an easy, fun 1-day class by some 750 Bars Facilitators in over 25 countries world wide. Chances are excellent you can find a Bars™ Facilitator near you by searching the website, www.bars.accessconsciousness.com.



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