Advanced Body Classes Allow Your Body To Discover What Else is Possible with Embodiment

March 19, 2012

“When are the people who are interested in creating more going to show up?” is what Gary and Dain used to ask themselves when time in classes, that could have exploring what else is possible, got consumed by processing the problems of this reality—sometimes again and again.

The good news is they are showing up! Access Consciousness is always accelerating. Gary pushed this to warp speed starting with the 7 Day Advanced in Costa Rica last October, followed by his new creation of Foundation and Level 1 in November.

Now this difference between solving the problems of this reality and asking “what else is possible” is reflected in the different Access Consciousness™ Body Classes also.

The “basic” body classes—both the half and one-day classes, as well as the three day classes offered by Marg Braunack, Dr. Kacie Crisp, Jason Pettipiece, and Glenna Rice—present you with some 50 unique, life-changing energetic body processes that can handle just about anything that “goes wrong” in your body.

Among the physical issues for which practitioners have used these successfully are arthritis, pain and injuries of any kind, as well as many kinds of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases considered “incurable” in this reality. Less tangible issues can also be resolved by these physical processes, including a tendency to be attracted to unsatisfying partners, the sense of disease at inhabiting a body here on planet earth, stopping and reversing aging, and emotional and physical trauma from which people haven’t been able to recover.

The basic 3-day body classes are like a smorgasbord of these body techniques, with each participant asking for what they’d like to change with their body, and asking their body which processes it would most like to facilitate this.

The Advanced Body Class takes the Access Consciousness™ body work to a new dimension. Instead of handling specific problems or complaints in the body, its purpose is to invite the body to a new possibility of embodiment. Gary and Dain are constantly working to see how much further they can take us, and our bodies, with these phenomenal processes.

At the last body class in Turin, the three body processes that have comprised the Advanced Body Class (currently taught only by Gary or Dain) morphed a bit so their application could be speeded up in a hundredth monkey syndrome. In addition, Gary was able to introduce two new processes, which have the possibility to remove some of the programming which keeps the inevitability of death locked into our bodies and to make indefinite life—life with no defined end point—a possibility. How exciting is that?

The next Advanced Body classes are offered May 26-28 in Corte Madera, CA (San Francisco area) and in Noosa, QLD, Australia June 15-17. Pre-requisites for this class are necessary to make sure your body is prepared and able to receive the transformation that is possible from these classes. Participation in two 3-day body classes is required prior to the Advanced Body class. It is possible to substitute gifting and receiving each of the 44 body processes from the 3-day class twice for the second body class. At least 20 sessions of MTVSS are also recommended.

Donnielle Carter is the coordinator for body classes. She can answer questions, including handling requests to schedule a 3 day body class in your area. She can be reached via *Donnielle@accessconsciousness.com*



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