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What’s Beyond the Law of Attraction?

December 11, 2011

What’s beyond the law of attraction? Plenty, according to best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas.

What you say is what you create, says Douglas. If you’re not happy with your life, you’re doing the law of attraction, which means you are creating what is happening.

“We have to look at the language we use, because the language we use is exactly what creates what we’re getting,” Douglas says. “If you’re not happy with your life, then you need to listen carefully to what you say and think because it is determining what is happening for you.”

Douglas describes what others call the law of attraction as, “If you ask for good things then it will come to you.” It’s basically an affirmation, he says. Do affirmations really work? Not very often. In Douglas’s view, the reason they don’t is that the very strength of the affirmation is also an investment in something you have to overcome in order to have what you’re asking for. That very investment in the obstacle can keep you from receiving exactly what you ask for.

A more effective tool for creation is asking a question, he says, such as, “What’s really going to work here?” or even “Do I really want to do this?”

The mantra Douglas recommends using, “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory!” specifically omits the word good. “If you know how to make only good things come to you, then perhaps I should sit down and you should conduct this seminar,” Douglas often says to audiences.

The difference in his mantra is that it contains no judgment. It excludes nothing. It includes all of life without judgment. If even what we considered “bad” came with ease and joy and glory, (glory being exuberant expression and abundance of life), wouldn’t that be a great improvement on what you’re experiencing now as your life?

When we ask only good to come to us, we are functioning from reaction, instead of acting to create what we would really like in our lives. Living from this state of reaction creates huge limitations in what can show up in our lives.

“Resistance and reaction and alignment and agreement are two sides of the same coin,” observes Douglas. “Neither allows you any freedom.” Whenever you look at an either-or viewpoint, or even creation vs. law of attraction, you are locking yourself right back into reaction and limitation. Have you ever noticed how common that is?

Instead of living from reaction, Douglas recommends using creation. Creation is the modality that actualizes the life you’d like to have. Whereas the law of attraction is a=b=c, which is the immutable laws of this reality, Douglas suggests functioning from beyond this reality, from a point of view of what he calls the mutable laws of creation. In the mutable laws of creation, “anything is possible if you choose it.”

Puzzled about what to choose? Another tool Douglas recommends for recognizing what is true of you is to look at what makes you feel light and what makes you feel heavy. “If it’s light, it’s right; if it’s heavy, it’s a lie,” he says. Whatever feels light to you is true for you, and anything that makes you feel heavy is not true for you.

What is more true to you: that there are unchangeable laws that determine everything that happens, or that creation of anything is possible if you’ll choose it and ask for it?

It can take a little while to rev up your creation abilities. Though you had them in spades when you were a child, they so did not fit into this reality that you learned to deny them and hide them, even from yourself. Every time you deny the magic that you create, it becomes that much harder to create it. Every time you acknowledge the magic that you create outside of the immutable laws of this reality that others believe in, more magic can show up.

Manifestation, by the way, is often mis-used by the metaphysical community, says Douglas. Manifestation means “how it shows up.” “If you say, ‘I’m going to how it shows up a new car,’ does that make any sense?” he asks.

Creation is what you do, manifestation is what the universe does in response to your request.

When you start to ask for something and you start to choose, it takes a little while in the beginning (2 weeks to three months). As you start to acknowledge the fact that you’re actually creating, then it starts to happen quicker and quicker until it becomes almost instantaneous.

Making it easier is that when you’re willing to consider the mutable laws of creation, you know when it’s time to do something and when it’s not, when it’s time to hold your cards and when it’s time to fold your cards and when it’s time to play your cards.

Your choice—would you like to be subject to immutable laws of reality which you cannot affect, or would you like to consider stepping beyond that into creating what you previously only imagined was possible? The choice is yours!



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Rev. Lynn DeLellis

Jan 10, 2012

Thank you for your insight. Great article

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