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Science Suggests Quantum Entanglements Are Even Further Out Than We Thought!

November 06, 2011

When Gary and Dain revealed the use of quantum entanglements as one of the ways the physical world manifests our thoughts and desires, they seemed to be ahead of science, which for the most part had only recognized quantum entanglements as affecting the quantum or microscopic world.

Now, however, science is catching up and recognizing that quantum entanglements and their effects do not stop with objects 20 microns or less in size.

Although standard physics textbooks still ignore them, it turns out the quantum entanglements have been affecting the “gross” world thought to be governed by classical physics all along. The delay in science’s recognizing this did not stem from quantum entanglements’ not existing, but from science’s inability to construct experiments creative enough to test these “far out” theories.

“The impression that quantum mechanics is limited to the microworld permeates the public understanding of science. Classical physics, which comprises any theory that is not quantum, including Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, handles the largest of scales,” says Scientific American in its June, 2011, issue.

Here’s the cool part, where Access was way ahead: “Yet this convenient partitioning of the world is a myth. Few modern physicists think that classical physics has equal status with quantum mechanics; it is but a useful approximation of a world that is quantum at all scales.” In other words, Gary and Dain have been correct that quantum physics applies to the “real world” beyond the microscopic; science has just been ignoring it until recently.

Scientific America continues, “These effects (of quantum entanglements) are more pervasive than anyone ever suspected. They may operate in the cells of the body.”

So if you have been holding back in asking the quantum entanglements to assist you because Access was just not logical or scientific, you might have to give up this point of view! In case the randomness and apparent illogic (according to this reality) of Access have been bothering you, you have good company in the form of physicists.

“Quantum behavior eludes visualization and common sense. It forces us to rethink how we look at the universe and accept a new and unfamiliar picture of our world.”

The odd concepts of oneness are now being expressed in scientific terms. How does it get even better (or weirder?) than that?

Check this out: “The quintessential quantum effect is entanglement….Entanglement binds together individual particles into an indivisible whole. Even when entangled particles are far apart, they still behave as a single entity, leading to what Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance.’”

Sorta kinda like Gary and Dain have been saying, eh?

The effects of quantum entanglements are starting be discovered in biology. They appear to govern photosynthesis, the process by which plants generate food and energy from light and water. The theory that connection to the earth’s magnetic field explains how birds know how and where to migrate has been disproved; the latest research is showing it can only be explained using quantum entanglements.

Quantum physics has always been trippier than LSD. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, taught in chemistry 101, states that either the location of an electron or its speed can be known, but not both. What if that applied to your car? “I’m sorry, Officer, if you recall that Heisenberg uncertainty principal, I had to locate my car to drive it so it wasn’t actually scientifically possible to know how fast it was going…” Yeah, right!

Gary and Dain ventured into the realm of magic with the “9 Trannies” class last June. That class was podcast and is still available to those who have participated in Levels 2 & 3. If you’d like a scientific reason to believe in magic, here’s another quote from the same Scientific American article: “In a quantum world, a particle does not have to take just one path at a time; it can take all of them simultaneously.”

And there’s more. “The fact that quantum mechanics applies on all scales forces us to confront the theory’s deepest mysteries. Space and time are two of the most fundamental classical concepts, but according to quantum mechanics they are secondary. The entanglements are primary. They interconnect quantum systems without reference to space and time.”

The article also says that many scientists, including Stephen Hawking of the University of Cambridge, think that “relativity theory must give way to a deeper theory in which space and time do not exist.”

And scientists are expecting things to get even wilder and trippier. “If a deeper theory supersedes quantum physics, it will show the world to be even more counterintuitive than anything we have seen so far.”

And the article concludes, “The implications of macroscopic objects such as us being in quantum limbo is mind-blowing enough that we physicists are still in an entangled state of confusion and wonderment.”

Do you suppose they might be ready for Access Consciousness soon?



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Jun 7, 2014

I loved this… laughed with delight reading it! Great article, well written, entertaining… bring it on!

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