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And You Thought ‘The Place’ Was Just a Novel

November 27, 2011

No matter how long you’ve been involved in Access Consciousness™ Consciousness, if you’re not constantly surprised by founder Gary Douglas, then there’s a good chance you’re just not paying attention.

During one of the Advanced Body Class, Gary waxed a bit philosophical about what it really takes to share the tools of Access Consciousness™, and who we might best aim at sharing them with. Then he followed that by reading several chapters from his best-selling novel, the Place.

Gary has said that all the apparently magical events that occur in the otherwise realistic-appearing world of the Place are things that he has actually done. At the Advanced Body Class, he presented this magical novel as a kind of “instruction manual” about how to introduce the this-reality-bending aspect of Access Consciousness™ to other seekers.

“Seekers” is how Gary describes those who are looking for Access Consciousness™—those who know more is possible and available, if only they could find where it was and how to create it. As Gary sees it, seekers are quite different from the spiritually inclined, who are looking for an answer, not a question.

If you are a facilitator, or have a private practice that includes Access Consciousness™ processes of any kind, you might consider re-reading the Place, even if you’ve read it several times already. You could consider it a treasure hunt for those clues that Gary hid in plain sight where we could all miss them. Gary has said that you won’t even begin to hear what he’s saying in the Place until you’ve read it at least three times.

Gary put this information in a novel because, as he says, “Who would read an instruction manual, anyway?” As Gary read it to the Advanced Body class, nearly every sentence contained a hint about how we might create our own reality and how we might present it to others also looking for it.

The structure of the Advanced Body Classes so far has included much unstructured time while participants were trading body processes. The questions and discussions that arise are as valuable as the phenomenal as the hands-on body processes, which is very valuable indeed.

The advanced body classes are so potent and life changing that it is necessary for Gary to be quite demanding in enforcing the pre-requisites. Participants must have attended two of the three day Access Consciousness™ Body Classes and received at least 20 MTVSS sessions to be eligible. It is possible to attend following only one three day body class IF you have done all of the 44 body processes in the manual at least twice.



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Susan Baldaeus

May 30, 2012

I knew it!!! Every time I told someone about the book, I would pause and then say—–“I don’t think this is fiction!” Thank you for confirming my feelings.


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