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Are you a seeker?

October 17, 2011

Are you a seeker? How many approaches have you tried in your attempts to have, do and be more? More than you can count?

Are you always wondering why things work so poorly in much of this society or reality, what else is possible, how things can be better? Are you always looking to have and create more and greater possibilities for you and everyone around you?

If you are a seeker, chances are you have been all your life.

Chances are the things you’ve tried include meditation, guided visualization, affirmations, shamanism, NLP, and lots of other “new age standbys.” There is truth in everything, and chances are all of these things have contributed to your life, and to your ever-expanding library of self-help books.

And do you still suspect that somehow, somewhere, there is still more, if only you could find it? Would you like to try something really different for a change?

Would you be willing to try something that is so different that its own founder not only never presents it as the answer to anything, but instead describes it as “wild, weird, wacky and it works?”

If your answer is yes, then you might wish to check out Access Consciousness™. Different could be considered its middle name. “I don’t have any answers,” says its founder and best-selling author, Gary Douglas. “But I do have a lot of questions.”

Questions are not only the heart of Access Consciousness™, but one of the most powerful tools Gary Douglas shares in his seminars and books. “Questions empower, answers disempower,” he observes and tells his classes.

Indeed, you may already have heard some of the questions of Access Consciousness™, as they are popping up in random locations all around the world, from newspaper ads in Houston, Texas, to screen-savers in Silicon Valley. They are used by people who have never heard of Douglas or attended his classes. He is the creator of such questions as:

  • “How does it get even better than this?”
  • “What else is possible?”
  • “What are the infinite possibilities?”
  • “What would it take for (any outcome you would like) to show up?”
  • “What’s right about this I’m not getting?”

Many seekers, used to going from one guru or guru wannabee promoting his answer to another, find Douglas’s emphasis on questions refreshing. It can be frustrating to many at first hearing, because they immediately try to answer the questions.

But Douglas’s questions are, you guessed it, different. Douglas’s questions are NOT about the answer at all! They are about creating possibilities and awareness. The very difficulty you may have in answering them is their strength, not their weakness. They are tools to be used to increase your awareness. They are meant to be walked around with, to be lived in and with and as, until the universe reveals an awareness that you would never have considered if you hadn’t engaged in that radical activity of asking the question.

Questions are far from the only way that Douglas and Access Consciousness™ are different. Although he presents seminars to clients world-wide and is the author of more than half a dozen books with another one, Divorceless Relationship, due to be released in November, he does not consider himself an expert on anything that is going on in your life.

He sees his job not as to serve, help, or change you, but to empower you. That means doing everything he can to facilitate clearing everything that’s getting in the way of your knowing that you know, and knowing that you know that you know. “I don’t know the answers to what’s going on in your life,” he says, “but you do! I am not the expert on your life, you are. Somewhere, you know the answer to how you have created everything in your life that is not working.

Another aspect of Access Consciousness™ that is unique and definitely decidedly different is what Douglas calls the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement. It sounds like a bunch of nonsense syllables. It has been described by one seeker newly discovering it as a “giant vacuum cleaner that scoops up all the negative energy surrounding a particular issue into a huge pile that it sucks up and makes disappear forever.”

The string of nonsensical syllables–“right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyond”, is what Access calls “short speak” for a plethora of different energies, all of which are creating the limitation you’re looking to get rid of. When said in connection with a problem you’re dealing with, it has the effect of asking the universe to be your servant and go to all the zillions of places that an energy associated with the particular challenge exists and make it instantly and permanently disappear.

If you’d like to employ the clearing statement to work for you, you can. You don’t have to understand it or remember it. You could just think of what’s sticking you at this moment and ask for that weird clearing statement you read about in this article to work to clear it. You’re asking the energy of the clearing statement to show up so it doesn’t matter that you don’t have the exact words, the Universe knows the energy you’re asking for. It’s about asking the universe a question!

In Douglas’s own searching for what would make his own life worth living, he has discovered that many of the things that create problems for us here and now have their source elsewhere—not only in our childhood, but in our past lives and all kinds of other dimensions and realities. He has discovered all of these by asking questions—and the weirder the better, in many cases.

The “word salad” of the clearing statement goes literally to what he calls the “point of creation” (that’s the POC in the clearing statement) of these issues, no matter where it is. Another beauty of the clearing statement is you don’t have to know where the point of creation of the challenge is—the universe knows and it is at your service! It will go and clear the limitations in all these far-flung places if you only ask.

Access Consciousness™ functions on the premise “no form, no structure, no significance.” Though it may sound incomprehensible on first hearing, this freedom from emphasis on structure is what Douglas, always practical, has found creates the best result. So don’t expect candles, incense, chimes, bells, meditation, or astrological predictions when you come to Access.

Douglas goes straight to the jugular of the universe: energy. He points out that physics as well as science tell us that everything is energy anyway. The most direct route to the greatest awareness and the most ease, joy, and glory in your life is to “follow the energy.”

One practical way to follow the energy is to ask if the choice you are about to make feels heavy or light to you. What is heavy is always a lie, whereas what feels light is “right” or true for you in that moment.

While this observation may seem trivial, it is actually quite a potent tool that Douglas uses to determine his demanding worldwide travel schedule and all other choices governing his global business.

If Access Consciousness™ is so big and has existed 25 years, why have you not yet heard of it before?

“You can only hear what you can hear when you can hear it,” Douglas observes. People are starting to notice the accelerating pace of change on the planet and they’re looking for something different, something that really works.

Might that be you?



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