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Does Following Your Passion Really Work?

September 27, 2011

Does Following Your Passion Really Work to Make Your Dreams Come True?

Have you been diligently working to follow your passion? Following those who advocate that as the way to make your dreams come true?

Gary Douglas, best-selling author and founder of Access Consciousness™ seminars, suggests that there might be another choice available.

“What you see is what you get,” he observes. If what is showing up in your life is not what you would really like, he continues, you might look at the words you say and think. By doing this, you will see how you’re creating the results that aren’t what you thought you wanted.

Douglas’s next recommendation is to look those words up in the dictionary. Many of his clients are surprised to find out what the most basic words they are using really mean. The energy of the word determines what the word creates, whether you know what it means or not.

A further source of confusion between the real meaning of words and what we think they mean are due to the changes that were made in dictionaries in 1946. At that time governments got together and changed the written dictionary meaning of words.

The word “want,” for example, has 27 definitions meaning “to lack” in pre-1946 dictionaries and only one meaning “to desire.” After 1946, those definitions meaning “to lack” were erased and the single meaning “to desire,” used to replace them, although the energetic meaning of want as “to lack” remains.

Failure to understand the importance of this remaining energetic meaning of the word “want” is widespread, even among those teaching others to create their lives more successfully. For example, in the movie, “The Secret”, one of the interviewees looks straight into the camera and asks, “What do you WANT?”.

Because of how definitions in post-1946 dictionaries were changed, Douglas recommends finding a copy of a dictionary published prior to 1946. These can easily be found online.

The very word passion is one of the biggest areas of confusion in self-improvement circles. Douglas noticed its energy always felt a bit off to him when he heard it, so he looked it up in the dictionary. His perception was correct, as he learned when the dictionary revealed the definition of the word “passion” is actually “crucifixion.”

Is hanging on a cross the energy of what you would truly like to follow en route to creating your life? What else is possible? And what could you start creating now with words and vocabulary that totally contribute to generating what you would like?



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