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Could Consciousness Change the World?

July 24, 2011

Have you noticed that political scandals and revelations of public officials behaving, shall we say, in interesting ways, seem to be multiplying at a rapid rate?

When the Watergate scandal unraveled in the 70’s the nation was glued to the TV screen, shocked not only by all the dirty tricks but also by the very fact that these dirty tricks were actually being revealed by men in the top echelons of government.

Current headlines in Britain focus on “hackgate” in which police were found to be accepting bribes from journalists in return for information, which allowed journalists to access public figures’ private phone and electronic messages. The head of Scotland Yard recently resigned due to this, media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been forced out of Fleet Street, and investigation of his undercover tactics has spread across the Atlantic to the US.

What if these nefarious dealings being revealed were a good thing? This may just be the case, according to Gary Douglas, best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness.

“One thousand people functioning from consciousness will require the governments to come out of secrecy, ten thousand people functioning from consciousness will change the face of the planet”, they say. They currently count about 800 people worldwide who meet this description, which is believed to be responsible for the secrecy of governments being revealed increasingly often.

Can consciousness change the world?

Gary Douglas and his business partner Dr. Dain Heer believe it can.

Consciousness, according to the duo, is far more than merely having your eyes open. It is being willing and able to perceive everything, with no judgment of anything.

The 800 people whom they count are functioning from this state include some attendees of their courses offered around the world, but many others included in the 800 conscious people have never heard of Access Consciousness. They tend to live in quiet spots away from the maddening crowds, of which they are exquisitely aware.

How could consciousness change the world? Douglas and Heer have been marshalling their forces to create some deliberate changes to our challenged physical environment. When the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico occurred, Douglas asked for weeks if anything could be done to assist the earth in recovering from its effects. For weeks and weeks, the answer he got was no. Finally, one day he got a yes—and that turned out to be the day when the gushing well was successfully capped.

Douglas then invited all his clients to collaborate with him on a coordinated effort to change the ecological devastation happening in the gulf at a specified time. Three days later, the New York Times revealed the discovery of the microbe, which was devouring the oil, resulting in much less remaining to damage the environment.

Thousands of people worldwide who have taken live or virtual seminars with Douglas and Heer have learned to do a method called “de-molecular manifestation and molecular de-manifestation.” Douglas calls this “talking to the molecules and asking them to show up differently.”

De-molecular manifestation is asking something which doesn’t show up to appear, while molecular de-manifestation is asking something which does exist to disappear something else can appear.

Sound woo-woo? Perhaps to some, however this method has been taught to complete novices with no prior exposure to Access Consciousness or other trainings, all over the world. Many witness changes in the pH of water—measured by an objective pH test strip. Others, including those who walked into the room after the changing process occurred, have tasted changes in cheap wine and the British gourmet delicacy, Marmite.

Changing marmite and cheap wine into something tasty is entertaining, and potentially life changing when the people who are participating realize they have that potency with energy. If major pollution situation, such as a nuclear accident that polluted huge portions of the food supply, were to occur, this process could be a potentially lifesaver for many people. Are the environmental affects of the on-going radiation leaks following March’s tsunami and earthquake in Japan fully known or revealed?

How is the state of consciousness, which often results in the required changes, truly attained? Douglas and Heer have a number of methods. The primary limitation of our awareness or consciousness is judgment, they observe. The first step to consciousness, then, is to get out of judgment.

A judgment can be positive or negative and includes almost all sentences that are not questions. The effect of all these judgments is the same—it stops our awareness of everything not in agreement with these statements or conclusions in its tracks.

How can something positive be a judgment? Quite easily! Suppose you decide, for example, that someone is your friend. Implied in that judgment is your expectation that your friend will treat you as you treat your friends. What if this someone who you decide is your friend is really not as kind, generous, and giving as you are to your friends? Suppose he or she can have nasty spells in which their standard operating procedure would be to stab you in the back. If you’re blithely proceeding on the assumption that he or she is your friend, will you notice it when they show up with a knife to stab you in the back? Not very likely!

An alternative to this judgment would be living in the question. “I wonder who so and so will be when he/she shows up today?” is a question which could lead to much more awareness.

Another way to change your judgments is to remind yourself that everything is just an interesting point of view—not right, wrong, good, bad, positive or negative. Reminding yourself of this every time you’re sure you’re right can go a long way to eliminating a lot of judgment.

Living in the question is another way to increase your consciousness. Questions empower, answers disempower, Douglas and Heer point out. As soon as you determine you have an answer or the answer, you cannot perceive anything that doesn’t match your defined answer. “The universe is a big place,” Douglas points out, and “it has access to a lot of information that you don’t have”. How much of that information and consciousness do you shut out when you decide you have the answer?

A particularly useful question to increase consciousness is to ask, “Would an infinite being really choose this?” for anything undesirable that’s occurring in your life. The answer is usually no, to be followed by the question, “Then for what reason are you?” This cuts right to the heart of the matter—that addiction to being a victim and self-sabotage that keeps us from being the amazingly potent creators of our lives that we really should be.

What if our ultimate lack of consciousness were our refusal to acknowledge the potency and awareness we really already are, if we would let ourselves know it? That consciousness could ultimately really change the world!

Are you ready? Would an infinite being need to wait? Get to work!

Information about Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer’s seminars, as well as those offered by people they have trained in these methods, is available at their website, www.accessconsciousness.com. Seminars in de-molecular manifestation and molecular de-manifestation are offered worldwide. Books and recorded seminars are also available at the site.



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BArbara Hepburn

Mar 12, 2012

I was on a call today. I had the realization that Access Consciousness could possibly be holding an energy/judgement/position/wrongness/belief about Humans vs. Humanoids. What if the Access Consciousness community’s resistance & reaction to being human and their ways, contributes to the entire contextual universe being more real than it “needs” to be for all of us? Who says that the ‘real/authentic’ Earth experience is actually contextual at all for anyone? What if the prevailing consciousness is actually a non-contextual/humanoid reality and it is only the perceived separation of human/humanoid that is pulling us into the belief/assumption that a contextual reality even exists? What if the ‘governing’ way of life on Earth was not ever contextual/human? What if our viewpoint of humans/contextual reality is the only thing that is making separation real at all? As an Access consciousness community what could we be that would contribute to the unity and oneness of humans/humanoids and contextual/non-contextual reality? Could we please now destroy and uncreate every separation/bi-polarity and judgement of humans/humanoids and contextual/non-contextual reality at its origin point? GBRW, all 9’s, poc,pod,shorts boys and beyonds. Thank you, much!

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May 28, 2012

Hi Barbara, thanks for your comment. Can we ask you a question? What makes you think that Access Consciousness judges humans? If you read the articles and information available, what is presented is the awareness that people are different and in knowing this, the judgment that you have of yourself can be less. The target of Access Consciousness, as you know, is to create a world of oneness and consciousness where nothing is judged and everything is included. How does it get any better and easier than that?

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