Five Questions to Create More Money

June 03, 2011

Warning: This is NOT your usual investment OR positive thinking article. Read it at the peril of your poverty!

What if everything you’d been taught or learned about money and wealth was out-of-date or incorrect? That has certainly been the experience of many people, even those who thought they were “financially secure,” during these times of great financial change.

How can you go about changing your money situation, today? Gary Douglas, bestselling author and founder of Access Consciousness, and his business partner and co-author Dr. Dain Heer, have come up with many tools that anyone can use to create a different reality.

Douglas and Heer are authors of Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are, and Right Riches for You, which was recently featured on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime TV in the USA.

Both men started from nothing to create flourishing businesses and significant wealth, this occurred four times in Douglas’s case. Yet their advice is different than anything else you’ll read. This difference comes from the way they combine what they’ve learned using consciousness to apply it to money and finances.

One of the things they’ve learned in their study in consciousness is that questions empower, while answers disempower. Do you wish to empower yourself with money? Then ask questions!

When you make a statement, conclusion, or judgment, anything that ends with a period (full stop) you are basically telling the universe that you have got the answer. When you settle on that answer, nothing that disagrees with or doesn’t match that answer can come into your universe.

How often do you make statements about money? “I don’t have any.” “I can’t afford it!” “I have too much month left at the end of my paycheck.” “That’s all the money I have.” “I’ve spent all my money.” Do any of these statements feel light to you at all?

That’s because they’re conclusions, decisions and judgments. When the universe hands out money, it might just skip the bank accounts of the people saying these things. Why? Well for the simple reason that they’ve already announced their situation and what the Universe hears is that they are not interested in or open to the universe’s infinite possibilities.

Hint: it’s a universal law that what is true feels light, while anything that feels heavy is not true for you. How do the above statements feel to you? If they feel heavy at all then it is because they’re judgments, conclusions, decisions and lies!

The way out of “heavy” is to ask a question. A good question to ask is whether the thought that’s making you heavy is actually yours in the first place. If feels light when you ask the question, a sense of lightening up anyplace in your universe indicates it wasn’t your thought it the first place!


1. What can I add to my life today that will generate lots of money, now and in the future?
This may seem counter-intuitive if you’ve been religiously cutting back to accommodate a limited or reduced budget. How well has that strategy worked for you?

The choice to cut back immediately introduces limitation and contraction into your universe, which is the opposite of what invites money into your life! It enforces a point of view that scarcity is real, which will be reflected in your bank account.

The contraction that cutting back creates also invalidates your own greatest asset: the infinite creativity that you as an infinite being ARE. The more creative you are, the more you will use this creative capacity to create crap and disasters if you are not using your creative capacity to create something you’d like to have, like money.

Think about a time in your life when you didn’t have enough going on in your life to keep you entertained and creating. Did you end up creating disasters you could solve just to keep yourself from being bored? Does that apply to your money situation now?

This question and those that follow are about creating awareness. Walk around with the question and see what the universe shows you. You do not have to know an answer immediately. A question is about creating possibility and awareness, not answer.

2. How does it get even better than this?

Try saying this every time you receive even a dime, and any other time it feels good.

One woman attending one of Douglas’s seminars in New York found a dime when she walked out of the seminar room. She said, “How does it get even better than this?”

She took the elevator downstairs, stepped off the curb, looked down, and saw a $10 bill lying there. She said, “How does it get even better than this?” She waved the ten-dollar bill in the air and hailed a taxi instead of taking the subway home.

The taxi dropped her off at the front door of the apartment building, instead of the back where she would have entered if she’d gone home by subway. As she got out of the taxi, she spotted something glittering in the gutter. She picked it up and it was a diamond bracelet.

If she’d said, “How does it get even better than this?” this woman might have continued receiveing. No such luck! She said, “It doesn’t get any better than that!” and her “luck” stopped right there. You never know what can happen and what the universe may have in store for you until you ask the question.

3. If I buy you, will you make me money?

Every time you consider purchasing anything, ask it if it will make you money. This may seem strange if you’re not used to recognizing the consciousness in all things, but consciousness does exist in all things and the tool does work. One way to teach yourself to use this is to imagine two little clouds in your head. One is “yes” and the other is “no.” Whichever is bigger and lighter when you ask the question is what’s true for that item you’re speaking to.

Making you money is not a linear concept. Part of creating wealth is recognizing what has intrinsic value and what does not. Clothing and modern furniture and household goods, for example, rarely increase in value. Antiques, jewelry, some art, and other items with quality workmanship do. That dress you absolutely have to have will be worth about 10% of what you paid for it as soon as you bring it home. Shouldn’t you be aware of that BEFORE you buy it?

It is possible for clothing to make you money, however just be aware that it isn’t linear. If that shirt or dress makes you feel like a million dollars, that sense of intrinsic wealth could easily create the impression in others that you have money. That in itself creates more willingness in other people to give you money.

4. Do you want to own me?

This question should be asked of everything around you. Did you realize your stuff owns you? Does it go to work to pay for you, or do you go to work to pay for it? Who owns who?

This question can be asked of your possessions. If they don’t wish to be owned by you anymore, they’re creating dead space in your environment that could be filled with more profitable possessions and activities.

If your item doesn’t wish to own you any more, ask it to bring the person it wishes to own to you with money in his/her hand. If they don’t appear, give it away. Craigslist has a “free section” which allows people to find what they’re looking for, and they’ll even come to you to pick it up. Of course you can also do a yard sale if investing the time is worth it to you, or give it to Goodwill or other charity and save the receipt for a tax deduction.

Consignment shops are springing up in many places. If your furniture interests them, all you have to do is drop it off and wait for a check. If you require furniture to fill the empty spaces left by the stuff that moves out of your life, these can be a great place to find some very nice contemporary and antique furniture at prices far below retail.

5. What else can I create from here?

According to Douglas, the greatest adventure in life is starting from nothing and creating something. He should know, he’s done it four times!

Many people are at “nothing”-in terms of real assets and quality of life right now, he observes, but they are pretending to themselves that they actually have something. Douglas recommends starting with what you’ve got and asking, “What else can I create from here?” as a way of creating the adventure of having the possibility of millions.

Most people settle for a mundane life, he observes, rather than going on that adventure, because they are unwilling to risk the possibility of having nothing.
Even if the possibility of nothing comes to pass, this question still applies and the adventure is still available.

Being without money just means you get to start the adventure of having more, says Douglas. What if you were to adopt that point of view, along with these 5 questions? How fast do you suppose your financial reality could change?



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Aug 7, 2011


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kristine m

Mar 10, 2012

I was reading this post and came across something that didnt quite sit well. Question number 4 “Did you realize your stuff owns you? Does it go to work to pay for you, or do you go to work to pay for it? Who owns who?”

What if the energy of the stuff I actualize actually is working for me before i buy it ? When I have intent to buy a new lounge for instance, it is within my desire and visualisation/consciousness before i physically choose it. What if that lounge supports my creation of the funds consciously and energetically before i secure it ? What if neither the lounge or I own each other but we choose to co exist or co habitate ? The concept of who “owns” who actually feels limiting to me. That is my interesting point of view for the day 🙂

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Elizabeth Zoetekouw

Mar 11, 2012

How did we get so lucky to have you Dr. Kaise in are life? what else is possible? how can this get any better? Thank you Dr. Dain, Gary, & Dr. Kaise for being and asking questions, get us to ask questions! how can it get any better?

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Mar 12, 2012

This is definately thw wierdist and wackiest site I have been to. I am buying Riht Riches for you.

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Alexandra Barrett

Mar 12, 2012

I have a number of great tools that I use with clients and they do not include these wonderful tips and processes. The more I allow this in, the more I am growing to love Access Consciousness. I am very thankful that I can learn to live in the questions and open the universe to pour unlimited blessings on my life. Please receive my gratitude.

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Nov 19, 2012

Great questions. Thanks.

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Dec 4, 2013


This is a very useful article. I have been going thru an absolutely blank period for the past 4 years despite all the skills / experience I have. I am compeletly blocked and now I feel I have some KEYS to get past this leanest period of my life

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Daya ohal

Jan 24, 2014

thanks, Gary,thanks Dain, change my life

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Apr 29, 2014


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yogesh patel

Sep 3, 2014

wow How dose it get any better then this, what else is possible?
thanx a lot Gary, an looking for more questions in future.

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Miriam Starcevic Taylor

Sep 14, 2015

I stumbled on this wonderful post for a very good reason, actually I heard some of my stuff talking to me as I didn’t know what to do with them, I am so grateful to come to this page.

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Access Consciousness

Sep 24, 2015

You might also really enjoy this recent blog with 7 more tips on changing your money situation! http://access-consciousness-blog.com/2015/09/7-steps-to-change-how-you-function-with-money/

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Atsuko U

Jan 8, 2016

Wow wow wow… question no.2 is just a kick-ass to me!! Geesh…I guess I’ve been owned by my surroundings most of the times in my whole life. What a heck. Thank you so much for opening my eyes! Though I usually don’t leave comments on any website, now I’m too grateful not to do so. Thank you so much, Access Consciousness, I love you 🙂

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