Are You and Your Body Receiving Everything You Could Truly Receive?

June 22, 2011

The addition of auditory recordings and now live-streaming of Access Founder Gary Douglas facilitating the Access “core classes” of Foundation and Level One have made it possible for anyone with a computer anywhere in the world to have access to this phenomenal information. How does it get even better than that?

There is one yummy aspect of Access that just doesn’t transmit digitally, however, and that’s the potency and nurturing that’s possible with healing touch from human beings. All of the Access body processes are simply incomparable as in they really can only be known by experiencing them.

If you are one of those who have taken the classes in digital form, you receive clear instructions on the body processes and can always ask anyone who has learned these in class or is a facilitator to show you how this is done. Experiencing these modalities is an energetic requirement to developing ease and competency with all the Access hands-on processes, including others that may be included in advanced classes, as well as the three-day Access body class.

The recent advanced body class that Gary offered for the first time in Houston uncovered new territory where change in our beings and our world is inextricably linked to what’s happening in our bodies. LOTS of this bodywork is REQUIRED if your target is consciousness. If symptom relief is your goal, these body processes are also amazing. One woman in the advanced body class was able to not require hospitalization for multiple kidney stones by using these body processes.

Anyone who has taken the classes, used the modalities, and enjoys touching bodies can teach you these hands-on processes. This includes many licensed facilitators and some bars facilitators, but it is by no means limited to them. Access has a different point of view on competency and certification: anything you learn in any class you are free to share with your clients. We just ask that you become a licensed facilitator if you wish to facilitate the Access core classes to others beyond private individual clients or introductory clearing evenings.

Be prepared to spend 5-6 hours to fully experience the benefits of gifting and receiving these marvelous processes. Gary has recently opened up the facilitating of the body classes to additional facilitators because as he says “the bodies of the planet were screaming at me that they needed this work.”

Like the bars, gifting and receiving are not separate in these first steps to Access bodywork. In other words, when you gift a session, you also receive a session at the same time.

As one facilitator noted after doing a session on a chiropractic client,
I was so high after doing MTVSS on this client, I felt like asking, ‘Was it good for you? It was good for me!’ AND I got paid!”

Everyone can benefit from participating in classes where these processes are presented and taking them is often the biggest bargain in terms of amount of bodywork you get for the price. Even after you have done Foundation and Level 1, if you would like to experience more of the exquisite, joyful, and deeply nourishing aspects of these body processes, you might choose to explore body process ‘swaps’ with other people or even attend the body classes.

What would YOUR body like to receive?



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stacy cicola

Dec 26, 2012

Gary recommended I get the mtvss run on all my organs and joints multiple times. I don’t know anyone in Massachusetts who can do this. Can you help me find someone who can and can it be run on yourself?

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