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If The Keys to Making Your Life Work Were Available, Would You Use Them?

May 04, 2011

If there were a set of simple guidelines that could change your life and enable you to have everything you’ve always asked for if you followed them, would you?

Gary Douglas, best-selling author and founder of Access Consciousness has developed just this and jokingly calls them the “Ten Commandments” of Access.

Access is a pragmatic philosophy that Douglas has developed over a lifetime of searching for something to improve his life and make it more enjoyable and easy.

In the process, he learned that everything he’d been taught or learned as a child turned out to be a lie or an implant. Implants are the points of view of others that are impelled at us by them. These points of view can end up running our lives, even when we are not cognitively aware of it and even though they aren’t ours.

Douglas invites everyone who comes in contact with him to put an end to all that and to start living their lives from what they would truly like to create and have. “In Access, all sacred cows go to slaughter!” he says. His presentation is irreverent always and often funny. Humor, he has learned, clears much more than tears.

The 10 commandments, he says, are what he calls “the keys to the kingdom.” The only kingdom Douglas is interested in is that of complete freedom: freedom from the limitations and expectations of others, freedom to create your own life and reality as you choose, freedom to be the infinite beings that all of us truly are (even if we rarely function from that place).

Here’s an example of just one of the commandments. For everything that happens in your life, especially things you might label as negative, ask yourself, “Would an infinite being truly choose this? If they wouldn’t, then for what reason are you?”

Applying this commandment neatly sidesteps our tendency to view ourselves as victims. We can and would only choose the disasters that show up in our lives if somewhere, somehow, we liked being less than the greatness we are. Continuous questioning tends to lead back to the realization that choosing anything that an infinite being would not choose gives us the effect of reinforcing our insane belief that we are victims or less than that which we truly are.

The other nine commandments are similarly counter-intuitive yet practical and life changing. The 10 commandments and how to use them are included in many Access classes, starting from the first class, Access: The Bars.

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