When Was The Last Time You Experienced True Relaxation In Your Body?

April 05, 2011

When Was The Last Time You Experienced True Relaxation In Your Body?

“As I fell from the top of the mountain, I tried to slow myself down, jabbing with my feet and my hands. It didn’t work. I went over a 100-foot drop, and I was free-falling and gaining speed all over again.

What ensued was a mess of tumbling, falling headfirst, feet first, on my back, then on my front. My body twisted in every possible way. I don’t even remember going over the second cliff, but for some reason I do recall the third, it knocked me out.”

At the end of the fall he was still standing. “This was going to muck up my trip to Everest,” he thought. Then he passed out.

This is the incredible but true story of a veteran mountain climber Adam Potter’s fall 1000 vertical feet from an icy mountain peak, not only surviving but standing up at the end of it. Only when they winched him up into the rescue helicopter, did he collapse.

Does this bear any resemblance to YOUR life? Are you bruised, battered, but still standing, because you’re functioning on the adrenaline pump? Is relaxation a foreign land, one you may have heard about but never visited, even on vacation? Like the mountain climber in free-fall, do you have two speeds: hyper-alert and complete black out, with or without chemical assistance?

What if relaxation WERE possible, here, now, in this body, and even on a regular basis? What if relaxation were a state you functioned from on a regular basis?

Sounds good, you may say, but how do I get there? Can I log it in as a destination on my favorite travel site?

Curiously enough, you can travel to this destination or even take up residence there while inhabiting this physical body, without even stepping into an airport. Your nearest Access Consciousness class, offered now in 26 countries worldwide, can show you the way.

In fact, the WORST that can happen in your first Access class, “the Bars,” is that you can feel that elusive relaxation, “more relaxed than after the greatest massage,” is how many people have described it.

What if relaxation were only the first stop? What if through relaxation, you could discover much more that could be possible for your life? “What creates more, franticness or relaxation?” asks Access Consciousness founder and Bestselling author, Gary Douglas.

The relaxation that is facilitated by the bars not only feels great (another benefit of relaxation that I forgot to mention) but it can also totally change your life.

One doctor who was contemplating suicide so seriously that he’d even picked a date for the event, got a bars session, laughed through the whole session, and never contemplated suicide again. That was 11 years ago.

Receiving the bars changes the electrical function of the brain, says Douglas, who developed the technique 20 years ago. This information has been corroborated by doctors of different disciplines who are experts in biofeedback. These doctors were able to describe changes in their brain waves, one of the measures of the electrical functioning of the brain, after receiving a bars session. Their brain waves changed from beta through alpha to the relaxed state of theta, they reported.

The Bars can be learned in a relaxing, fun one-day class. During the class, you receive and gift two complete sessions, which qualifies you to do it after class for friends, relatives, and even paying clients if you wish.

Continuing further with Access can yield further relaxation. Dozens of hands- on energetic body processes can “change just about anything we can come up with,” says Douglas. The energies these methods use are unique to Access Consciousness. They are included in the further Access classes, Foundation and Level 1, both of which are two days in duration. A smorgasbord of these methods can also be learned in three-day body classes offered world-wide, and evening classes where several techniques are taught are widely available from many Access facilitators world-wide.

Many people have used these energetic body processes to heal all kinds of incurable conditions, ranging from psychological bi-polar disorder to cancers of many kinds, arthritis, and other degenerative and traumatically induced complaints.

These miraculous healings are just a side effect, in Douglas’s point of view. His target is consciousness. Those who are interested in consciousness tend to experience phenomenal healing in their bodies both from the verbal processes taught in the classes beyond the bars, as well as from the hands on body work. “Consciousness creates healing, healing does not create consciousness,” Douglas has found.

The bodies of those in his classes continue to improve, becoming more fun to inhabit and even taking up residence in that foreign land, otherwise known as relaxation.



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