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What it beyond Goals, Intentions, and Affirmations?

April 05, 2011

If there were a much easier way to create your ideal life without having to set goals, intentions, making a “vision board” or reciting endless affirmations, would you be interested? If it were as easy and light to create your life as a puff of air, a flower petal drifting in the breeze, or a feather on your cheek, would you try it out?

A new and faster way to create your life is through the simple use of possibility. But can it really be that easy? Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness and Bestselling Author of The Place, talks about possibility as a reality that is based on asking a question, rather than coming to a fixed decision or judgment about what would be best. Asking a question creates more possibilities because it invites the entire universe to assist you. When you set a goal based on a conclusion about what you think is possible, are you aware that you are limiting your imagination based on what you think is realistically available to you? And is it possible that there is something greater?

Douglas has worked with individuals and groups regarding business, money, relationship, and body issues Worldwide for over 20 years and the results can be seen in the creation of more possibilities than these people had ever considered or imagined!

So how is this done and how can you begin to implement more possibility into your daily life? The main components are: possibility, contribution, choice, and question. All these are accessed through questions that get the Universe of possibilities working for you and on your behalf. For every situation that you would like to improve or change, ask:
What choices do I have here?
What else is possible?
What contribution can I receive or gift?
What other questions can I ask?

What if all the strategies you’ve learned up until now on how to improve your life are actually just the tip of the iceberg of what is truly possible?

Your reality, the one you’ve been trying to get to work, is like your personal version of The Matrix movie, says Douglas. Asking questions is like choosing the “red pill” that will get you out of the limited reality and into a much larger playing field where you are able to add to your life without having to take anything away or limit yourself. How does it get any better and easier than that?



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