Is Your Body an Ease or a Burden?

January 19, 2011

What if the areas of your life that are not ease joy and glory, are areas where you have a lack of consciousness or awareness?

A unique aspect of Access Consciousness is that Gary Douglas, founder, and his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, extend this question to include your body.

Indeed, they say, it is not possible to become fully conscious without bringing your body along for the ride. Douglas readily acknowledges that this inclusion of the body makes Access markedly different from many other approaches to spirituality and enlightenment.

Access Consciousness is a 20-year-old pragmatic philosophy that has been taught worldwide to groups and individuals. Recorded seminars and books explaining its very unique tools are also available.

Fortunately for those of us inhabiting bodies on planet earth, Access Consciousness has come up with a way to experience more consciousness in your body that’s easily learned by anyone, even children; extremely effective; and feels great to give and receive. How could it get even better than that?

No anatomy or physiology study is required for gifting these processes to others; all that is required is to ask their body to show your body where your light touch is required.

Some of these processes are quite specific. The eyes process, for example, is useful for vision. Regular recipients have reported being able to go without reading glasses for an extended period of time.

Cellular memory unlocks the polarity in scar tissue and injured tissue so that cells can function again normally; instead of in the polarized place cells tend to get stuck in when the trauma occurred.

The Access Energetic Facelift facilitates lifting of the entire body, with the result of not only looking younger but feeling younger as well. In contrast to Botox, which the latest scientific research is now showing actually inhibits the expression of joy and emotion, these energetic body processes enhance the body’s joy and functioning.

Many Access body processes address issues of sexuality, allowing for more freedom of expression of all kinds in our bodies. Psycho-emotional issues, such as a repeated tendency to choose relationships that are not nurturing or caring and that are sometimes abusive, can even be addressed through these body processes.

Other processes work on the entire body, erasing damage and limiting programming that has been imposed upon it. This facilitation of increased consciousness in the body allows the body to choose to change. Bodies that have received these body processes tend to be more flexible, move more gracefully, and generally be more fun to inhabit.

Consciousness is Douglas and Heer’s target. Happily, they have found that it can often come with happiness and miracles attached to it. Just using the tools they present creates greater consciousness, which they define as being willing to perceive and receive everything just as it is without judgment. A side effect of consciousness can often be phenomenal healing.

Users of the hands-on body processes have reported changing all kinds of aching backs, knees, and carpal tunnels, as well as life threatening diseases including cancer of the bladder, ovary, bone, blood, and prostate; HIV; and Guillian Barre, the intense muscle wasting disease for which there is no medical cure. These “cures” can often seem miraculous to the health care providers witnessing them.

One woman whose jaw was eaten away by an abscess after a dental sponge was left inside her jaw was able to heal herself and regrow her jaw preventing drastic surgery to repair the hole in her jaw. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep doing it!” her mystified dentist told her.

Another woman had internal organs herniated into her vagina, for which medical doctors were recommending immediate emergency surgery. One 45-minute session of the Access bodywork (this one done by a health professional) healed this totally and surgery was avoided.

What if merely curing diseases and getting rid of pain were not all that is possible with bodies? What if consciousness in bodies could include, say, joy? Radical concept! Not one that is medically diagnosable (joy, that is, or lack thereof)!

What if joy in our bodies, such as that which babies and children naturally experience, were actually possible for adults?

Now that would really be a reason to try out this consciousness stuff! What are you waiting for?

Books, tools, recorded classes, and information about seminars on the Access Consciousness bodywork are available at the website, www.accessconsciousness.com. Classes facilitated by Douglas and Heer can also be located and booked at that site. More about bodywork is also available at www.drdainheer.com.



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Apr 3, 2013

hi, there is a mention above of a woman who used the body processes for help with an issue with her jaw/gums….is there a way to find out what process was used? I would very much appreciate that- Thank you!

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Apr 9, 2013

Hi Lauren,
Your best bet is to contact an Access Consciousness Body Class facilitator and ask. You can find them at www.body.accessconsciousness.com

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