Changing your Body Can Be Ease, Joy, and Glory with the Tools of Right Body for You with Gary Douglas

January 06, 2011

With so-called factual information about the latest optimal diets for health and weight loss changing as fast as the flavors at your favorite ice cream store, how can you know what’s really going to work for you?

The key to knowing what’s right for your body is just that, says Access consciousness Founder Gary Douglas – YOUR BODY!

Doctors with whom Douglas works point out that our bodies are more different on the inside than they are on the outside. This uniqueness, so often overlooked by the medical profession and science, goes a long way towards explaining why no one diet works for everyone.

Douglas has a unique solution to knowing what will work for your body. This solution is to simply ask your own body. It’s a health care provider that’s always with you, its prices are reasonable, and you don’t have to mess with billing your insurance.

Sounds good, you may say, but how do you do that? Some people who are trained in kinesiology can use muscle testing, but Douglas has not found this works very well for him. He uses a method of testing which involves his whole body. He holds a particular food he has a question about in front of his solar plexus, puts his heels and toes together, and asks if his body would like the ingest the substance that he’s holding.

If your body leans forward, that’s a yes; backwards, that’s a no; and sideways means you’re not asking exactly the right question. If you’re not asking exactly the right question, a small adjustment in your wording may be all that’s needed. You could change it to, “Body, would you like to ingest this sometime today or in the next 24 hours or this week?”

This may not sound like the health advice you’re used to getting, but it can have results which are surprising. One 70 year old man who has worked with Douglas was prescribed a medication for low blood pressure. He decided to use Douglas’s method and ask his body if it really required the prescription. The result was a backwards force so strong it nearly threw him against the wall behind him.

When he asked Douglas what to do with this result, Douglas recommended he get a second medical opinion. The second doctor identified a heart defect and need for an immediate quadruple bypass. If he had taken the medicine prescribed by the first medical doctor, it would have killed him, according to the second doctor. The man had the operation recommended by the second doctor and remains alive and well.

Another way of communicating with your body, if you’re eating in a restaurant, is to let your body show you by noticing what your eyes land on first on the menu. Whatever you notice first, can read clearly first, is usually the item your body would most like to eat, so you order that. It will likely NOT be what you are most used to eating – but you might be surprised at how great it tastes. What tastes wonderful is exactly what your body would really like to eat, even if it something you never would consider normally.

When you give your body what it really requires, the result is food that can taste orgasmic on every taste bud. This usually lasts for 3-9 bites. As soon as the next bite tastes like cardboard, that’s your body’s way of telling you it’s done.

One of the medical conditions which has responded well to Douglas’s methods is that American disease of epidemic proportions, obesity. An Australian woman, Audrey Lynette, heard a simple tool of his, applied it to her body, and lost 200 pounds – 100 of it in 9 months – living on a diet which included more junk food than few people reading this would even consider. She decreased her body size by two full dress sizes in a 3 day period between two of Douglas’s workshops.

One major tool she used was, “If it’s light, it’s right; if it’s heavy, it’s a lie.”

Douglas teaches the use of this tool to determine what is true for you, and what is not – regardless of the authority with which it’s spoken. Audrey Lynette applied this tool to food. If the food felt light to her, she ate it, and if it didn’t, she didn’t. She ignored any conventional nutritional recommendations and simply ate what her body told her was light for it.

In this same 9 month time period, Lynette went from being wheel-chair bound to running and dancing. She attributes her success to using tools presented by Douglas. In addition to “if it’s light, it’s right; if it’s heavy, it’s a lie,” Lynette used a second tool, the question “Who does this belong to?”

She asked that question about every thought, feeling, emotion, and body pain she experienced. When she knew it wasn’t hers, she sent it back to its creator. Using this question enabled her to see different possibilities and to get out of being at the effect of everybody else’s answers.

“They told me I wouldn’t be able to do all these things,” she recalls. “Even now, 6 years later, I catch myself doing something they told me I’d never be able to do, and I start laughing.” Even pain which was diagnosed as “hereditary” and arthritis disappeared for Lynette though use of this tool.

Using the methods Douglas teaches in Right Body For You, she found, “For the first time in my life I realized I didn’t have to have pain!”

A radio show host in Utah, Donnielle Carter, went from a size 16 to a size 6 using Douglas’s tools, in the space of 4 months.

Like Audrey Lynette, she used some of the hands on body processes of Access Consciousness, which are taught by facilitators world-wide. Her process consisted primarily of asking herself questions, being vulnerable and honest with herself, and destroying the lies she’d bought that were keeping her heavy.

Some of what she discovered, using processes like those that will be taught in Douglas’s Right Body For You workshop in Corte Madera in January, went back 20 years and more. At 5’2”, Carter is the tallest woman in her family. She was called “the big one,” a label that was represented in her size as well as her height. Unraveling this and the assumptions that accompanied it using the Access Consciousness tools taught by Douglas went a long way to unraveling the source of her excess weight and undoing it.

One evening while she was making the bed, she ended up following a line of questioning and processing herself until 4 in the morning. She discovered she had made a decision about not wanting to be seen that linked back to an argument with a friend in high school almost 20 years earlier.

Ironically, she worked in the media business where she was asked to introduce concerts and other large events. Being seen was so terrifying to her that she hired others to do this job. The day after she did this processing, the high school friend contacted her on Facebook for the first time in 17 years. There can be magic in these methods!

The methods developed by Douglas apply not only to obesity, but to all other body conditions that you have not been able to change, including pain, disease, allergies, self-image, shape, and aging.

Douglas, understandably, is in demand world-wide, so the number of his presentations in the Bay Area are limited. He will be presenting his course which teaches all of the methods discussed here and dozens more, live, in the Bay Area January 27-29. This is the first presentation in the US, and the only one scheduled in 2011 anywhere in the world.

You can register online at Douglas’s website, www.accessconsciousness.com, or call Dr. Kacie Crisp at 415 302-0163 or Glenna Rice at 415 235-2807.

Facilitators world-wide are trained in the methods Gary Douglas used to create the miracles with the people described above and more. They can be found on his website, www.accessconsciousness.com.



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Victoria Cary

Jan 26, 2011

I am so in love with the process and results
I have taken my first BARS class
I can’t get enough
I know I can go over all that is on the web however
I would love to be in love with my body and hope to share like feelings
Thanks for doing the work ahead of me
Love everything

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