There is a right body for you!

December 04, 2010

Your body has been talking to you, to tell you what it is, what works for it, what it needs and all sorts of information; but have you been listening? Or does it speak an entirely foreign language?

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, will give you a live opportunity to hear that beautiful body of yours in January, when he presents “Right Body for You” live January 28-30 in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is the first time Gary has presented this class live in North America.

Gary has presented this class as a world-wide teleclass, and it was so life changing that both Gary and participants did not wish it to end. It was extended week after week. Now you are invited to participate in the class live, asking your questions about YOUR body and discovering how your body can be your best friend and so much more!

While everyone and his brother has an idea about the “right” diet and exercise to create the ideal body, most of these are based on judgment, which is a limitation in itself. And do any of them actually consult YOUR BODY? With judgment you usually get much more of what you are judging, rather than the different result you are actually looking for.

We, the often bossy beings that we are, occupy our beautiful forgiving loving bodies – resolutely ignoring them as forcefully as we can. Yet we make so many decisions that affect our bodies!

Our bodies eat, for example. We don’t. Our bodies have sex, we don’t. Our bodies like to move, not exercise. Yet most of us never even consider that we could consult our bodies about our actions that affect them so directly. No wonder we feel “out of touch” with who they are!

Right Body for You is designed to change all this, showing you how to have not the ideal unattainable body, but how to communicate with your body to create a place where it’s easy and fun to live inside your very own body. What if we started working WITH our body rather than trying to force it into what we want? This class provides the information you might be missing that would allow you to have that with ease.

Many miracles have been created using the methods from this class. Audrey Lynette lost 2 dress sizes in 3 days when she started Access, and she has lost more than 100 pounds so far without dieting. She also went from being in a wheelchair to dancing and running!

Donnielle Carter went from size 16 to size 6 in 5 months, using the tools Gary will be presenting in this class.

Another participant easily gave up smoking, drinking, and did a detoxification program with ease. Another one noticed that her bodywork sessions healed chronic body complaints in her clients in one session.

One participant listed all of the following changes:
o An appreciation for my body
o A difference in what I eat
o A difference in the way food tastes
o A closer connection with my body
o A change in appetite and cravings for food
o A loss in weight and change in shape
o Fun with my body – something I never thought was possible – I have hated different parts of my body for a long time and berated myself for it.

You can save yourself a spot in this class, being held at the Corte Madera Best Western (one of our favorite venues), by signing up on the website today.

If you cannot participate live, you can still have the fun and change of watching Gary present this class in real time, by signing up for live streaming,
playing on your own computer or home T.V., (or one near you with those providing a group viewing). Details on this as they are confirmed will be available on the website also. Click Here..

What are the infinite possibilities for YOUR life in THIS body? What would it be like to discover you already have the Right Body For You?



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