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Could You Be Your Own Psychic?

October 23, 2010

How many psychic readings have you had? How helpful have they been? What would it be like if you could find the answers you’re looking for yourself, without having to rely on anyone else’s opinion?

According to Access Consciousness, accessing the information people usually go to psychics for is possible, potentially easy and available to everyone.

What do people generally go to psychics for? To know the future; to get assistance with a body condition or disease; to get advice or assistance on their love life? The answers to all of these questions and worries and more can be available to you by using the tools of Access Consciousness.

Access Consciousness is both a pragmatic philosophy of life and a set of tools you can use to change any part of your life that isn’t working.

It includes tools to allow you to increase your own awareness of all the problems you might consult a psychic for, as well as dynamic processes to change any situation that isn’t working for you.

“Is it a truth or a lie that you cannot know the future?” Access founder Gary Douglas often asks people in his seminars. Hint: another Access tool, based on an energetic law of the universe, is that whatever feels light is true for you, while whatever feels heavy is a lie. So what feels lighter, the statement “You cannot know the future,” or “You can know the future”? Interesting wouldn’t you say?

Knowing the future is just that—knowing. Knowing, along with perceiving, being, and receiving, is one of the capacities of an infinite being. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we have had our knowing beaten out of us since the time we started school, if not before. Schools seem to have the point of view that children don’t know anything unless it is taught to them by adults. Douglas, on the other hand, often refers to adults as “a-doltsprecisely because they not only doubt the knowing of children, but they actively do and say things to get the children to deny their own knowing as well.

So how much of what you actually know and have known all your life have you been denying or ignoring? What has that lack of awareness cost you, in money, suffering, delays, less possibilities in your life? Are you ready to give that up now and acknowledge that you know something more even if you’re not cognitively aware of what that may be?

But how can we know the future? Knowing can show up in many different ways. It might come in the form of knowing that something will happen, without necessarily having any clue how it might come about.

Knowing can be as subtle as a “gut feeling” that you should or shouldn’t do something, without knowing any “rational” reason why.

One woman in Australia had such a feeling. She begged all the men who were at a party she was leaving to accompany her to the car. All of them refused, assuring her she would be fine. When she got to her car, a heavyset guy in a Coca-Cola jacket came up to her. She boldly said “good day!” and rapidly locked her car and drove away. She heard him say, “Leave this one alone,” to his buddies standing in the shadows. She later heard that 4 women were sexually assaulted in that same neighborhood, that night, by a man meeting the description of the one that tried to stop her.

The first step in knowing is to ask questions about what you do know, and acknowledge when your knowing shows up. The more you acknowledge your knowing when it shows up, the more of it you will be aware of and the more it can show up with ease!

Knowing has been described as as subtle as the light touch of a feather on your cheek. Most of us have been taught to ignore that, in favor of the 2 x 4 hitting us over the head. Waiting for the 2 x 4 is a good habit to change if you’re really interested in being your own psychic.

“Questions empower, answers disempower,” says Douglas. Whenever you settle on an answer, which includes anything that is a conclusion or a statement not ending with a question mark, you prevent the universe from sending you any information or possibilities that do not match that answer.

Professional and amateur “psychics” alike are often guilty of this. How often have the psychics you have consulted asked you a question? Or have they given you the answer, which is actually just their answer? This is OK and not a wrongness, it is just about being aware of what is true for you so that you may be empowered to be your own psychic.

The difficulty with giving people answers, says Douglas, is that it “sticks” you with what the psychic may be incorrect about. How many psychics are 100% accurate? If they present what they tell you as a question, you remain free to take or not take what they’re saying, depending on whether it’s right or true for you. When they make a definite statement, you tend to buy it and believe it’s yours—limiting your own options because of someone else’s point of view.

Facilitators of Access Consciousness, on the other hand, emphasize questions. “The one with the answers about you is YOU” says Douglas. The job of a facilitator is to ask the questions to allow you to access what you already know—sort of like being your own psychic.

Another tool that can assist you in this area is asking specific questions that allow you to fast-forward into the future, all by yourself. If faced with a challenging choice, for example, one thing you can do is to look at your life 3, 6, or 12 months in the future if you make choice A, and then again if you make choice B. You do not have to know every detail of your life to do this. Just look at your life as a whole, like it was a ball of energy, and see which circumstance makes it bigger and lighter. The bigger and lighter option will be your most expansive, rewarding choice.

What’s revealed using this may seem illogical when looking at the reasoning of how things should turn out, but it usually turns out to be completely correct. One business owner was facing a choice of renewing her lease, or building a new building on a piece of property she had bought for her business. Though she was sure that building on this property was the right thing to do, the choice that was lighter was actually renewing the lease at her existing location. She was surprised by this outcome, however within days she had realized it was a much better choice, and one she would not have made without this technique.

All of these tools are quite easy. They do have the drawback, like all tools, of working only if you do use them. But isn’t it worth a little practice to develop the psychic abilities of the one person who most has your best interests at heart, you?

Access Consciousness classes are available worldwide from licensed Access facilitators. They can be found on the website, www.accessconsciousness.com. Books and recordings of classes are also available on this site.



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