What else is possible when you put away 10 percent of your pay?

July 31, 2010

MUST READ ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GRATITUDE TO YOU!!!!!!

Hello Gary and Dain

I would love to share with you and everyone the AWESOME things I (yes me) have been generating over the last few weeks!!!

So… about 3 weeks ago I checked my bank account and there was approx $1450.00 that had shown up so I firstly put my 10% away then I paid some past expenditures (which made me very happy) and asked the usual questions like what else is possible? And how does it get any better than that? I also asked the money what would it take for it to come back to me tenfold??????? And then left it did not give it much if any thought… SO Here is where it gets totally cool!!! yesterday I checked my bank account (I have an extra little job Cause I’m choosing Costa Rica in Oct) to see how much I got paid and ….wait for it …my bank balance was approx $14,500.00( not including my pay) hehehehehe Waaahooo!!!!(If my calculations are correct that’s 10 fold) so I started asking the questions once again WEIP? HDIGABTT? And this time I asked the money to come back 20 fold heheheh!! I wonder how that’s going to show up?!!!!! The first thing I did was put 10% away then I paid off ALL MY past expenditures and the house hold bills,

BOOKED AND PAID FOR MY FLIGHT TO COSTA RICA!!! PAID SOME OF THE CLASS (Without using credit) and brought myself some clothes and some things for my kids and I still have some left over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would also like to say that if anyone is serious about having a dramatically different financial reality they should buy the How to become money workbook as well as all the other access money books (Like me) and demand of yourself that this shit changes!!!! To be money to have peace with money is not as complicated as we make it out to be it just is….

I have been putting 10% away for less than 6 months…..while being a “Single parent” if I can anyone can!!!(When I thought of this I said to myself I’ve been putting it away religiously, there may be something in that for everyone?)

Thank you so much Gary and Dain the gift that you be for us is absolutely amazing thank you for choosing more for yourselves so that in turn we can choose more for us, I hope that I will be able to gift others the way you have gifted to me!


Mel (from QLD)

p.s.: See you in Costa Rica baby…….. all of life come to me with ease joy and glory!!!!!!



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Jul 31, 2010

Wow wow wow thank you so much for sharing this Mel and wow what else is possible? !!!!!!!! Magical potent you!!! Stories like this are an amazing boost, thank you!!! :-))

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Aug 8, 2010

This is awesome and encouraging! While reading it I felt my left brain begin to argue “What else did she DO?” I told it to shut up. WEIP?
In gratitude!

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Jul 8, 2011

As someone who’s just starting with Access and choosing to finally take control of my relationship with money, this story was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing and being the money!

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Dec 23, 2012

Hi, now it’s my turn to be in way more in debt than I’ve allowed myself to be since borrowing for university, and yes, thank you for this empowering article.

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Jan 22, 2015

wow! You really inspired me to get going now with the having account and asking questions when money move in or out of my reality. thank you!!! 😉

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