The First Access Learning Center

July 06, 2010

Access for Knowledge’s
Lifetime Learning Center
New York, USA

Access 4 Knowledge Learning Center
Access 4 Knowledge Learning Center

First Access Learning Center in suburban New York is going strong.

Christine DiDomenico, Director and Teacher at the Access Learning Center, has been successfully continuing the work of Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. The results students get when they apply the questions and processes from Access to whatever they are learning are phenomenal.
Christine DiDomenico, who runs the center, is seeing almost immediate changes in the grades of the students she works with.

Math seems to be the biggest bugaboo for these students. DiDomenico observes she’s seeing many high school students who had no problems in school “until they hit algebra.”

“It’s a lot of fun seeing these kids change,” says Christine. “They’re so open – they get it and they use these tools in school and with their homework.”

Using a few of the Access Consciousness clearing statements to overcome fixed points of view creates almost immediate changes in grades, according to Christine. Students at her center leave with a lot more confidence in themselves. “They come in with, ‘I’m stupid,’ I’m not good at math,’ and they very quickly let those points of view go, resulting in a total transformation of their school experience and what they are capable of.”

The pressure that some of the students she works with get from their parents is huge, says Christine. “Parents can sometimes try to live their lives all over again through their kids, or hope they can push their kids into doing better than they did” These points of view that are created in the children’s universes are what Christine and the students themselves work together to change.

The very first Access class, The Bars, illustrates Access’ unique point of view that gifting and receiving are not separate and are a fundamental part of anyone’s ability to change what isn’t working in their life. The same is proving to be true in this Access learning center. In an atmosphere where everyone is valued for what they know and have to offer, be they “student” or “teacher,” everyone’s life is improving.

Though writing was never easy for Christine, she recently completed an article on the Learning Center for publication. “The clearing statements I’ve used with the kids have been working on me as well,” she says with a laugh…what else is possible?

If you would like to assist in the expansion of the center in any way, or know more about the possibility of your child attending this learning center contact Christine DiDomenico atchrisdido@optimum.net (845)825-2361
Christine’s Access Facilitator page

To find out specifics about scheduling, pricing and availability at the learning center go to:



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